On Black Faces in High (and not so High) Places…


How do we have more Black Judges, Lawyers, Cops, and Corrections Officers in the US than any other time in history, but they are allowed to remain silent, neutral, or hidden as the Black community mobilizes yet again to address the State Sanctioned Atrocities committed against us by police, and the legal and justice system in general? (I’m not talking about issuing statements, but using their positions, skills, resources, and training to fight this shit, or disrupt the institutions that oppress us.)

What the fuck did the Black masses fight for when our ancestors marched, fought, and died to get Black bodies into universities, law schools, police academies, and elected to office; so that we could bask in their New Negro glory, so that we could all live vicariously through their individual success, or so that they could carry the interest and agendas of the Black community into the institutions they work for and are elected to?

Of course these are rhetorical questions, Black cops on the beat don’t make policing any less oppressive and racist than Black overseers on the plantation made slavery any less exploitative and brutal. Yet we still fall for the Black Faces in High Places scam.

‪#‎NewNegros‬ been telling us for the past 6 years that Obama don’t owe us shit, and have even convince many of us that he dosen’t. They take that position because they fell that they don’t owe shit back to the community either, so why should a Black POTUS.

These New Negros really imagine that they got to were they are and sustain their positions on the top of the bottom Racial Caste due to their own individual talents and hard work and that their success and status ain’t connect to the struggles of so many poor and working-class activist and freedom fighters.

They think they owe their comforts and the reduction in open White Aggression to the opening of the hearts of the White masses instead of the sacrifices of Malcolm X, Fred Hampton, Assata Shakur and all the others who refused to resist within the defined parameters of their oppressors.

Even though we’ve had 50+ years of documented evidence of the failures of Integration; Integrationism is still the dominate ideology and agenda in the Black community. How do we not see that as the masses struggle in the streets and force reforms and concessions from our oppressors, the benefits and titles are distributed to the New Negros who didn’t resist, who didn’t make trouble, who kept to the sidelines until it was time to collect the payout. How many more times we gonna let this happen?

The few of us who are awaken to the scam need to make sure we articulate this to those courageous Brothers and Sisters our here in the struggle right now, from the ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ to ‪#‎Ferguson‬ to ‪#‎ICantBreath‬; we can’t allow another generation to struggle and bleed fighting for unachievable and unneeded goals of Integrations, the lives and energies of our youth and activist are too valuable to waste on more Integrationist, Reactionary, and Reformist movements; we can and must do better.