Brother Diallo, after the events of the past few days, I think in the next 60 years America is going to look like some of the worst war torn places in the Middle East and Africa today. Do you agree or not? Police just used a bomb robot. How can black people prepare?

The biggest impending threat is Global Warming and Climate Instabity; which will lead to food shortages, further contamination of the air and water, and an exacerbation of all standing conflicts in this nation (Racial, Religions, Class, and Ethnic).

When a nation experiences sever and ongoing disruptions the State can no longer sustain or controls its military and police forces, so you don’t really have to worry about organized and consistent state repression; the real threat becomes murdering band of armed men, be they former cops, soldiers, fanatics, etc. If shit goes to pot the military infrastructure will be looted, the cops will strip all the can from the police stations and run home to protect their own families.  Just look a how shit played out during Hurricane Katrina for an isolated view of what would happen in during a collapse of the state.  They found NOPD police cars all over the country cuz cops were taking cars, guns, ammo, and gear and driving their families out of LA.  

Global Warming will make storms like what hit LA common and more intense, then you will also have drought, mega-heat waves, erratic rain and snow fall; etc.  They US is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina, so imagine what shit will look like when you have 20 Katrinas all across the nation all at once, that how shit is projected to look in 60 years.

There’s a lot of shit you need to do to prepare and endure, I actually had the Legendary Wise Intelligent on my show discussion this very issue; here’s a link to that program:

The most fundamental think you need to understand, from studying calamities and social collapse over the decades, and even centuries, is that communities have a better survival rate than individuals.  

I know the media and many of these survivalist and preppers love to push the “lone survivor” motif, but if you look at nations who have endured, or that are currently enduring collapse you’ll see that only those who had and those who built interdependent networks and collectivized communities are truly surviving or thriving, while those who tried to go it alone, or just “looked out for me and mine” die first or struggle the most.  

The word community literally means: a shared burden.

We are of the most socially oriented and socially dependent creatures on this planet, and we can’t escape that, all of the technology and ammo in the world will not negate that. We suffer in isolation even in times of peace, so it’s not wonder why we suffer more so in times of calamity.  

So, the foundation of any of your preparation should be building, reinforcing, and expanding your Network, (ideological) Family, your (functional) Community. 

Beyond that, it’s shit like growing food (and soil, #Compost), securing arms (and training with them), first aid, study and analysis of environmental and political trends and movement, etc.  Oh, and make sure your live is saturated with uplifting music, art, and positive interactions with your people, stay having dinner parties, dances, nature walks, bike tours of your community, etc; that’s real medicine and preparation. 

We can make the Fall of America the Resurrection of Humanity, if we willing to do the work.  

Oh, and read Chalmers Jonson, Derrick Jensen, and Dimitri Orlav for the best insights on the collapse of the US and its empire. 

As for surviving, most writers are on some Mad Max shit which ain’t the way to go, so I advice you look into your on culture for those insights, but look everywhere for the skills and equipment you need to secure, from gun shows to your local community garden.