The Fire this Time.

Self-immolation is an act done to bring attention to an issue or cause in the most dramatic way possible. Self-immolation is literally an act which uses ones own life and body as a beacon of light, to spark a Revolution, or to shed a condemning light on an unseen or unacknowledged atrocity.

After seeing more than a few instances of Black youth setting themselves ablaze in the Fire Challenge I got to reflecting on the conditions of Black youth, and the (unconscious) messages that they constantly send us, and we continue to ignore or misinterpret.

It is a crime how we absolutely refuse to listen to and see our children, to feel their pain, to hear their cries, as we unapologetically serve them up to our enemies.

We literally take the most valuable people in the world, African Youth, the fullest embodiment of all human potential, and hand them over to individuals and institutions who seek only their exploitation and destruction.

We see our children under attack and join their attackers against them.

We see their justified rage, and struggle to pacify them instead of equipping and training them to fight their true enemies.

We see them reject White indoctrination and we call them stupid and accuse them or not valuing education.

We see them try the rebel in anyway they can and instead of cultivating their rebellious spirits we pass ordinances to force them to pull their pants up and impose curfews on them.

We see that they have both a desire for Unity and Armed Militancy, but we call them Thugs and Gang Members, instead of organizing them into a Liberation Army.

We see them rejecting Western Culture and Values, and instead of grooming that into an African Cultural Revolution, we tell them to speak Standard English, and train them on how to dress for a job interview.

We are literally attacking our own future on behave of our oppressors.

Every time I see a youth engaged in unconscious rebellion, I see a condemnation of our Black Leadership, our Talented 10th, of you up standing New Negros who encourage our youth to integrate into a system that hates them, and then condemn them when they manifest Self-Hatred.

If you are unhappy with the youth, then you should be in all out rebelling against the society and systems that birth and cultivated those youth.


Listen to them, Watch them, and Clear a fucking Path for them!