Do you think Bernie made a huge mistake with his “ghetto” comment and not doing more to reach black voters like HC is doing?

I know this response is  way late, but Bernie could never out Pander Heelary cuz the Clintons been pimping the Black votes since 1992.

Bernie’s “ghetto” comment didn’t matter one way or another, the Black Democratic Drones wuz gon vote Heelary even if Jesus Christe himself come from on high and endorsed Bernie.  I think Bernie knew this so he was basically like: “fuck it, if White Liberals and Progressives can’t get me there , then I ain’t gon get there.”

Reaching Black voters means securing the Corporate Media and the Local Clergy, both of which were firmly in the pocket of the Clintons.

The Black Vote is uninformed, emotional, and stuck man; it is literally developmentally and politically retarded, and has been since the late 1940s when ancestors make the strategic move to abandon the Republicans collectively and support the Democrats.

We no longer astutely use the Black Block Vote as a tool for progress, we are stuck in with the Status Quo, and there are no signs of that changing in the next few election cycles, but we still have to organize to change shit and educate and properly mobilize Black voters.

Also, it’s as stupid to say “fucking I ain’t gon vote” as it is to reflexively vote for the favored Democratic candidate.

We must learn once again how to Pimp the System instead of always being Pimped by the System.