Rap is officially a sideshow, a circus of freaks, a global minstrel show for non-White pleasure and consumption.

We used to have humorous and creative artist that had fun with the art from like Biz Markie and Bobby Jimmy & the Critters, but they were just one valued segment of a larger creative universe, and even the most clownish MCs had a level of intelligence, most maintained a level of artistic integrity. But not now, there is no floor, there is no bottom in Hip Hop, no stop in how far it will descend.

How many more cultural products are gonna emerged from the ghettos, barrios, Flavelas, and shanty towns as Liberating forms of expression and resistance only to be co-opted by the toxic culture that oppresses us and sold back to us a Self-Hate and Self-Destruction to a Funky Beat?


The fucking list is endless!

(Allow me to say that I fully acknowledge that there are many artist making revolutionary music, and revolutionaries making revolutionary art. I appreciate and support yall. I’m dealing with the Mainstream Minstrels being pumped through the airways by these multinational corporations.

But hell, I can’t even fully put it on the corporations because the net has allowed every ignorant, artistic parasite a venue. This toxic buffoonery is now self replicating like GMOs. SMH.)