Some Questions for Believers.

If the Bible is the word of the Almighty, All-Knowing, Perfect God, how can man misrepresent, manipulate, edit, distort, and even misinterpret The Word?

There are hundreds of Versions of the Bible, there are collections of deleted Books of the Bible, there are thousands of denominations based on the Bible, and millions of contradicting interpretations of the Bible.

God is even incapable of properly managing his image, he has been shown as various races, cultures, and ethnicities. Why wouldn’t God at the very least protect his image? (Allah was kind enough to do that for his followers; by ordering the death of anyone who attempts to create an image of Allah or Muhammad, just imagine if that was the case for Christianity`).

I know B-List celebrities that protect their Public Image and Brand better than God. He’s allowed every one from Enslavers to Pedophile to hide under his name, and within his Holy Houses. God has allowed everyone from Imperialist to Mass Murderers to speak his word and on his behalf.

Why would God go through such extremes to hide his very existence, his ability or willingness to let humanity know what he actually wants from us? Why must we rely on corrupt preachers and delusional individuals to tell us what God wants from us, why will he not just do a 5 Min press conference and straighten all this shit out?

And please don’t tell me about faith, and free will because God had no problem making his presence know, from turning people into pillars of salt, to setting fires to bushes and water saturated alters. God was all over the place before humanity invented instruments to record his miracles, but now he’s hidden; he got folks looking for him toast burn patterns, or finding him within their own imaginations and hallucinations.


(Mohammedans & Hebrews, please fell free to chime in and explain your own God’s Hide-N-Seek Tactics too.)

Who knows, if you give a reasonable explanation you might win another soul to fight in your Holy Wars.