Understanding and Utilizing Black Power.

The Black community should never ask, or even be concerned if another Race/Community/Ethnicity hates us or wishes to do us harm; the only question is “is this Race/Community/Ethnicity in a position to do harm or exploit our communities?”

If the answer is yes, then we address that vulnerability; whether or not that Race/Community/Ethnicity intends to act on that ability is totally irrelevant.

“Power responses to all threats,” real, potential, actual, or imagined.

We, as a Race have been in a rut of seeking relief from attacks and atrocities, we’ve seem to have forgotten what Power is and how it is utilized. We’ve been directed to seek PALE substitutions to real power like Fiat currency, reforms, integration, and titles and status within the Systems and Institution of our enemies; instead of defining Black Power and organizing towards Black Power.

Dr. Huey P. Newton told us that “power is the ability to define reality, and have it act in a desired manor.” That’s a far cry from adjusting your goals and aspirations to suit and “succeed” in another people’s definition of Reality.

New Negros will assert that taking such a position on our many Enemies and Competitors, and defining reality on our own terms will bring violence, incarceration, and disruption to our communities. Fortunately for us the past 50+ years have proven that the opposite is true. Integration, Assimilation, and Passive Cooperation with the Systems of White Domination are what have brought us so much violence, genocidal incarceration rates, and systemic Black dysfunction.

We were better off when we stood in open defiance to “the Man,” to the “White Power Structures.”

There is nothing Negative, or even Hostile about eliminating or reducing others ability to harm or exploit your communities. We are the only people who’ve been tricking into that backwards way of relating to other Groups.

If you think I’m wrong, just try to go open a bunch of Soul Food restaurants in Greek Town, or to sell cosmetic products in a Korean Community. Just imagine what would happen if a rash of unarmed White children were killed by Black cops, or Black vigilantes started killing White children. Form a conglomerate of Black labels and see if you can sign all the top Jewish performers. None that shit is gonna happen, but other Races run that kinda shit down on us every day!

We simply need to start accessing threats and identifying parasites, then responding to them as any other population justly would. Hell even a rose has a defend mechanism, why is it Militant when we erect barriers against our enemies and exploiters?