Black-on-Black Violence: Cui Bono?

The US is (according to its own rhetoric) is a Capitalist nation. In Capitalism there is no morality, and justice is just another commodity to be traded, bought, and sold to the highest bidder.

As we begin yet another Long Hot Summer in South Chicago, and the Poverty Pimps and Community Pacifiers (not Organizers, but Pacifiers…they keep us passive) emerge with their tired and ineffective solutions to Black-on-Black Violence and youth homicides; remember, for those in power it’s not about morality, or justice it’s about Capitalism.

Capitalism only has one purpose: Accumulation. The sole purpose of the Capitalist, who run this nation, is to accumulate ass much wealth as possible. All of the conditions we see in this nation are set up to support the maximum accumulation of wealth for the Capitalist, even the conditions of violence in America’s Ghettos are set up to feed the bank accounts of the Capitalist.

Ghetto Violence is profitable that’s why it persist.

So much White Wealth is directly tied to Black Dysfunction that a large segment of the Black population must be kept in deprived and insecure economic and environmental conditions, just as a small segment of the Black population must be allow to “Make It,” to cover this genocidal practice.

Real Estate profits, Policing Budgets, Weapons Manufacturer’s Budgets, the trillion dollar Criminal Justice infrastructure, entire White rural economies, the home security industry, the Republican Party, and dozens of other industries and institutions depend on and profit from Black dysfunction.

“If you want to understand any problem in America, you need to focus on who profits from that problem, not who suffers from the problem.” – Dr Amos Wilson

This holds true for the problem of violence and homicides in the Black community.

The violence and homicides will end when we make it too expensive to oppress, incarcerate, mis-educate, and criminalize Black youth. Right now it’s safe and profitable to drive Black youth to self-destruction because our Poverty Pimps, Community Pacifiers, Negro Elite, and Celebrity Minstrels all tell us that the problem is us. They tell us there is something wrong with us, the defect in within us and we can’t blame White people, or “The Man,” or conditions for “keeping us down,” and driving us to kill each other.

What these Race Traitors fail to tell the community is that all people, regardless of Race or nationality have fallen to despair, addiction, and violence when subjected to the same conditions as we have been and are currently being subjected to. In fact many Races have descended to greater acts of violence and anti-social behavior when being subjected to less oppression and depravity than Black folks.

Native Americans on Reservations, Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, Palestinians in the Occupied territories, Poor Whites in Appalachia and other poor rural areas in the US, Whites all over Europe during times of economic constriction and collapse, etc.; all these groups, past and present, when subjected to Ghettoized or deprived economic conditions had elevated rates of internalized violence, and all the other problems that plague the oppressed and exploited.

The problem ain’t us, it has never been us or our criminalized youth. The problem is oppression, and the profitability of oppression, we gotta make oppression too expensive if we want freedom from this violence.

All groups that ended their internalized violence and dysfunction did so by 2 means:

1. Redirecting the violence towards its true source and overthrowing, or exiting the oppressive system that placed them in the Ghettoized and deprived conditions. (This is the only solution when the oppression is coming from an Alien source such as another Race, Religion, Culture.)

2. Revolutionary transformation of the economy and massive public inputs to lift the Ghettoized and deprive population out of the poverty and integrate them into the larger economy. (This only works when the exploiters and the exploited are from the same Racial, Cultural, Religious groupings. We see examples of this throughout US history, Whites lifting other Whites out of the Ghetto and Crime, from Roosevelt’s New Deal, to the Progressive Era, to the end of the Prohibition Era, Whites have always used their Government and resources to lift Whites out of massive poverty or reformed law when it criminalized too many of their own people. Just look at the drive to end the Drug War now that Whites are becoming the primary causalities, no one said shit when it was almost exclusively Blacks in the inner-cities under the gun.)

So, as various New Negro Organization appeal to you for support to “end the violence,” know that if they are not targeting Capitalism and the Elites who set up the conditions and profit for the dysfunction, they should not be supported, they should be driven out of the community.

If someone comes to the community saying jobs will save us and end the violence, but they fail to identify how we can independently develop Black economic enclaves that are at least semi-independent of the dominate economy, drive their asses out; they are only trying to sell our labor and community to the highest bidder.

Anyone coming to the Black community with anything less the Revolutionary Pan-African solutions to our problems is either an unconscious or willing agent of our Oppressors. Ignore them, or drive them out.