Dump the Dems!

We have options folks, we ain’t gotta continue the one-sided, abusive, and neglectful relationship our community has with the Democratic Party.

Peep the platforms of the:
All-African People’s Revolutionary Party (AAPRP)
The Black Panther Party
The New Black Panther Party
Justice Party
Green Party
Socialist Party USA
Freedom Socialist Party – U.S.
Peace and Freedom Party
Humanist Party
Communist Party USA
Anarchist-Communist Party of the People
Anarchist Party
Libertarian Party
Rent Is Too Damn High Party
Human Rights Party
Revolutionary Socialist Party
Workers Party of the United States

Or you can start your own political party, or form a voting Block around a specific policy or political agenda in your own community.

Even if you don’t have candidate from one of the non-Corporate parties on your ballot you can write in candidate, you can begin to work with a progressive, non-Fascist party to get your candidate on the ballot for the next election cycle.

Don’t be Politically Pimped any more, and don’t be tricked into thinking you can exist the US political process by not voting; we need a full scale Revolution before we are exempt from US politics.