I truly believe…

That food just taste better to the Elite when they know others are starving.
That the homes of the Elite feel cozier when they know there are people sleeping in the streets.
That the Elite feel more intelligent when they know others are being denied an education.
That the Elite think their clothing looks better when others are wearing dirty rags.
That the Elite feel they will live longer if they shorten the lifespan of everyone else.
That the Elite think their air is more breathable if they expose others to polluted air.
That the Elite feel that their water is more refreshing if they contaminate the water of the poor.
That the Elite think that their wealth is only worth having if others are in deep poverty.

The Global Elite feed off of and engorge themselves on the misery of the vast majority of humanity. They have turned their sick, twisted, pathological compulsion to accumulate and horde money into the World’s Greatest Virtue.

The rest of us seem content to fight over the insufficient and toxic crumbs the Elite leave for us, instead of using our overwhelming numbers and talents to overthrow these Parasites.

Most working-class, and BCSs (Better Compensated Slaves) defend and worship the Elite, and the appointed Pseudo-Elite (i.e. Celebrities, Rapper, Pro Ball-Chasers).

If we don’t change this, if we don’t begin to understand our Class and Caste standing and begin to act according to our Class and Caste interest, the Global Elite will exploit us, our children, and natural resources of the world into total extinction.

Stop Worshiping the Elite, they didn’t work for their Wealth, they stole it from you!

#OnePercent, more accurately, #OneTenthofOnePercent