A Reminder for All Africans.

I have to remind these Black Puritans, New Negros, and Hypocritical Black
Moralist, and even some of my Pan-African Brothers and Sisters of a few

1. There is no Hierarchy between Slaves, Colonized,
or Oppressed people.  We are all interchangeable to those who hold us in
bondage and dominate us.  Your individual progress or rise within the
Systems and Institutions of the Oppressor is not evidence of a reduction
in Oppression or Racism; it is evidence of the resilience and
confidence of the Oppressor, that they can employ the very people they
oppress to fill (high-ranking) positions within their systems.  Just ask

2. Poor, Ignorant, and Powerless people are never the
source of social problems.  They don’t determine political/economic
policy, resource allocation, or national priorities; which are the real
sources of social problems.  Attacking the poor, the drug addicted, the
petty criminal, the traumatized, teenage mothers, juvenile delinquents,
or any of the other vulnerable people in the society will not solve one
problem because they are merely symptoms of social ills, they are
products of social injustice, they are not the cause.  You cannot cure
cancer by dealing with the symptoms, you must target the sources, the
tumor; and more importantly you must target the Carcinogenic
pollutants and contaminates in the environment. If you find a “leader,
scholar, activist, or nationalist,” who targets the vulnerable as the
problem, that pathologizes the powerless; you must challenge and remove
them, they have no solutions because they don’t understand the problem.

3. Sharing videos and images of Black people engaged in antisocial or
degrading behaviors makes you a part of that very same behavior, you are
an accomplice of those antisocial and degenerate Black people in the
videos you share.  Even if you post such material with some comment
denouncing the content, you are still spreading the disease.  You can
not come cough in my face and think it’s OK because you told me you are
against spreading the cold virus.  If you are against it, don’t spread
it.  You can denounce antisocial and degrading behaviors in the
community without giving graphic vids/images of that behavior.  So
denounce the actions while sharing healthy alternatives.

Social Change, from Reform to Revolution only occurs when you target
those with Power and Resources, never when you target those without
Power and Resources.  I know it’s easy to target violent youth, mothers
twerking in front of their children, crack heads fighting over the last
rock, but attacking them only reinforces the Police State and our
collective Oppression.  We have to target the Global and Economic Elite
if we really want change.  We need to understand, abate, or isolate and
expel at times; those who succumb to the pressures of oppression, or act
out their trauma in ways that are unacceptable, or damaging to others.
But attacking them is a waste of resources and energy. (I think this is
a restating of #2, sorry, but it needs restating.)

5. If you are not serving the people you forfeit any right to criticize the people.  

Thanks for reading.  Forward.