Is racism permanent?

No.  Not at all.  The concepts of Race and the ideology and practices of Racism are not permanent, they haven’t even been with humanity for a significant amount of our history.  

Look at other systems and ideologies, like monarchy; there was a time when essentially all organized populations in the world were under some form of monarchy, not there’s barely any; 2-3 monarchical nations out of over 200 hundred nations!  By the end of this century there will be not monarchical governments on earth.  Monarchs will be relegated to history books and ceremonies.  (They may will still have the money they stole, and still be among the parasitic elites of the world, but they will not have monarchical power over the State.  To bring them fully down we’d have to bring down all human parasites.)

If you lived under a monarchy, and all of your ancestors, that you know of lived under a monarch, it would be hard for you to imagine a time when monarchy wasn’t a permanent form of rulership and governance.  

It’s hard for us to look beyond what we were born into, but we know that “change is the only constant.”  

So, no Racism is not permanent, no more than the White Domination and Capitalism that feeds and sustains it are.  In fact Global White Domination is in critical condition, and Capitalism has been on life support since the late 80s. 

But I also have to caution you, just because racism is not permanent, we can’t assume that it will be replaced by ideologies and practices that are more just, more rational, and more humane.  

We have as much a chance to regress from Racism as we do to progress away from Racism.

Look at the post-Racial world many thought was coming to pass after the Obama election.  That was supposed to be world were Blacks could openly embrace Capitalism and Imperialism.  Were non-Whites could govern the empire as effectively as any White person.  That would have been a regression from Racism.  Obama’s time in office has proved to us that Racism is still the order of the day, but if these delusional people who thought that Obama was a sign that Racism is ending were right, we would have witnessed a regression from Racism into a Post-Racial, Color Bling, Multi-Cultural Omnicdial Global Empire.  That’s not progress, but it’s what the masses of Integrationist Blacks and other non-Whites are fighting for.  

Many Militant Blacks are simply fighting for a Black version of White Capitalism, Development, Militarism, and Patriarchy.  All of that shit could survive after Racism, potentially.  If you are only fighting Racism and not all Systems, Ideologies, and Institutions of Oppression, then you are working to create this Post-Racial, and Post-Racism Dystopia.  If you critically examine what many anti-Racist Black leaders are calling for you will see this, not just New Negros Formations like the NAACP, but groups like the NOI and others.

The way we avoid this is by not waiting for Racism, and it’s incestuous partners; Capitalism and Imperialism, and their bastard child Global White Domination to fade into history, we have to consciously dismantle them, while constructing Viable Alternatives for humanity. We also can’t allow Western Contaminations into our own non-White organizations, while we also check out own fuckery that originates within our community and culture.

If we fail to bring down the Systems and Institutions of Oppression through Revolution, if we keep trying to Reform this shit, or to find shelter while it collapses under its own corruption there’s a very strong change that even more toxic and omnicidal ideas and systems will emerge from the rotting corpse of Racism.