Integration Is a Trap!

America gives White people preference and “superiority” over all other Races, only to make them debt slaves to their own Elites and their childrenCannon fodder of Western Imperialism.

America gives women “independence” and greater opportunity, at the same time it fills their body tissues and breast milk with industrial pollutants, at the same time it further entrenches Patriarchy and Rape Culture.

America embraces and validates LGBTQ Rights as masses of the LGBTQ community remain too impoverished and socially isolated to access and fully enjoy all of their new government mandated equality and inclusion.

America applauds the rise of Hispanics into the status of “Americas Largest Minority,” and their greater visibility and participation, at the same time it undermines Progressive and Democratic governments in movements in Latin America thought militarist and subversive Interventionism.

America makes a Black man its President, and allows a Black Family to move into the White House, makes them living symbols of Black excellence and integration, as it intensifies its political, economic, and physical assaults staging the already oppressed Black masses.

Hell, even the current Model minority, the Asian American community are not spared; as they keep the rest of us in awe of their economic and educational achievements, they are aiding the Western Empire as it encircles and prepares for ongoing dominance of, or all out war with Asia (China, India, Korea, Japan).

Integration into the Systems and Institutions of White Domination and Capitalism is akin a Deal with the Devil; you are going to have to surrender your soul for a meager and transient blessing that you would have been better off without in the long run.

Integration does not work! Even if you “Ballin Out,” you children and descendants will have to pick up the tab, and the price will be their lives.