What would Marcus Garvey say/do if he were alive today?

I think Garvey would do the same thing he did in the 1920s because the same problems that existed then exist today.  I think he would have some minor changes to his overall program, like abandoning Capitalism for Scientific Socialism, and abandoning Christianity for an African Spiritual System, beyond that, he’s be doing the same thing seeking the same outcomes.

What would be the major difference if Garvey were alive today is he wouldn’t be able to generate the following that he amasses in the early 1900s.  He’d be called a ‘Hotep,’ or simply ignored; or worse get tangled up in petty conflicts and scraps with all of these Toxic Black Nationalist running around today; who are more interested in their own status than our collective revolution.

In the early 1900s there were fewer illusions for Black people to adhere to, we understood that we were oppressed and we know who our enemies were, without any doubt.  Back then we could clearly identify our interest, and we had no options but to group and work together.  Today, Black folks have dozens of distractions and illusions, from Black Celebrities, to Superficial Integration, to a Black President. 

All of these distractions and illusions divide us and prevent us from organizing on the scale that Garvey organized our people; so Garvey would be lost in the YouTube-verse, advocating for Pan-African Unity and Liberation, I suspect, if he was here today. 

In fact, we have Brothers and Sisters who are as capable and committed as Garvey in our communities today, and they are ignored, mocked, and sometimes attacked by the masses.