Your view on Vladimir Putin and is he part of the white power structure ?

No, but it’s not for lack of trying. To understand Russia’s and the Slavic people’s of Northern Asia relationship to the White Power Structure you’ll have to understand European cultural history.

Whiteness is not a fixed category, it ebbs and flows.  Central and Eastern Europeans are often brought in or kicked out of the White Box for various reasons.

In general, the White Elites feel that the Russians and Eastern Europeans are contaminated with “Mongol” blood due to the proximity to Asia (they are in Asia actually), and their failures to sustain themselves as exclusively Western Societies.  If you look as most Russians, they have strong Asian features…..sometimes….

Russian has often had leaders who courted Western Europe and attempted to Westernize Russian society, and they have always failed in both instances.  They are rejected by the Western Europeans and the Russian masses just can’t quite adhere to Western values and practices. 

Russians are not monolithic anyway, they are composed of many tribes, ethnic groups, and phenotypes; most of whom are more Asiatic in culture and features than European.   

European, as a culture and Race is relatively new also, it used to be called Christendom , it was a cultural bond, then Europe was invented later in the 8th Century.  Europe like Whiteness is just an arbitrary invention by Whites, they have not factual, geographical, or scientific basis; so discussion this shit rationally is hard as fuck. 

Right now Putin is aligning with China and the states targeted by the PNAC agenda; so Russia is now an Asian nation again, and Putin is Russian, not White, not European, just Russian.  If he become more liberal and accomadating to the West, he will be White again.  That’s how it works. 

He’s not part of the White Power Structure cuz he’s not a part of the Global Capitalist System, Russia tried to join in the 1990s but Bill Clinton burned them and the Capitalist raped their nation, so they turned away from the West yet again to chart their own course. 

Putin is acting in opposition to the White Power Structure, which Obama loyal serves.  So Obama is Whiter than Putin…politically.  LoL!

I know it can be confusing, but that’s cuz it’s all some made-up crazy shit to begin with. 

Also, just cuz Putin ain’t part of the WPS don’t mean he’s an ally of the victims of Global White Domination, and Russia ain’t as Racist as their Western cousins.