On ACTivism, proTEST, and DEMOstrations:

ACTivism, proTEST, and DEMOstrations are no longer effective at swaying the US government to meet the just demands of the Black citizens within its borders.

We have to understand that our standing in the US and our ability to gain concessions from the US government is now, and has always been tied to geopolitics; it ain’t never been about our Emancipation, our Civil Rights, or our Integration into America; our status has not changed, we are a captured, exploited, despised, tolerated, and profitable Under-Caste. From Chattel Slavery up to the The New Jim Crow era of today, our standing, and our Oppressor’s intentions have not changed; only his methods and tactics have change, but not his ultimate intentions and attitudes towards us.

We keep misinterpreting social movements and the intentions of the State, that’s why we fail to progress;

-We thought the Civil War was fought on our behalf and that the 13th Amendment secured and guaranteed our freedom, when it was really about a transference of wealth and power from the Southern Gentry to the Bankers and Industrialist of the North, of Wall Street; we were pawns.

The US wanted to advance from an agrarian economy to a modern industrial economy and the Southern White Elite were in the way. After the Civil War the North delivered our ancestors into debt slavery to the Whites of the South, so that proves it wasn’t about our liberation. The Reconstruction Era accomplishments lulled us into a false sense of security, and made us vulnerable to re-enslavement.

-We thought we’d finally move from being Second Class Citizens to Full Citizens after the Civil Rights era and the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; we thought that the Decolonization of Africa in the Post WWII era was yet another sign that the White Elites were willing to share power, respect our Human Rights, and allow us to advance in the society, economy, and among other nations. We didn’t listen to those who told us that the US government had no intentions to granting Blacks full citizenship, or allowing Africa develop freely and independently, that they just had to adjust their methods of oppression; to make it less visible.

This was due to the emergence of the Soviet Union and Communist Party of China in the post-WWII political, military, and economic landscape. The US and Western Europe was telling the world to reject Communism and Socialism, that Capitalism was about freedom, but the world saw how the Capitalist were lynching and segregating Blacks in the US and how they were supporting the brutal and genocidal colonization of African by the Western European nations. So they needed better PR or the nations of the world would embrace the East, embrace Communism and Socialism over Capitalism. That’s why the White Elite in the West brought Martin Luther King, Jr. (and his ilk) to the negotiation table, why the Colonial Nations flipped from direct colonization to Neocolonialism; it was a stunt, a trick.

They knew they were gonna de-industrialize the economy in the US, thus pulling the rug from under the Black middle-class, flood the hood with crack, and promote Gang and death culture to Black youth in the 60s, and they kicked it off in the 70s. The brief era of Affirmative action, Anti-poverty programs, and other Civil Rights era concessions lulled us into a false sense of security and made us vulnerable to Mass Incarceration, Social Destabilization, and Multi-Generational Poverty.

-Today, we still looking at the damn surface. We really think Obama’s election was a realization of King’s Dream, that it was a sign that Blacks were ascending in this society, and that there was at least a reduction in Oppression and Racial hostility towards Black people.

We don’t understand the long game and we are still failing to think critically, and impose a radical analysis on the situation; we are not putting our status and our Oppressor’s actions in the context of history, and geopolitics. We still falling for their tricks! If you don’t put Obama’s election in the context of climate change, ecological collapse, Neoliberalism, Peak oil, China’s move into Africa, South America’s departure from the US’s sphere of influence, and a host of other emerging crisis, trends, and movements; then you don’t understand shit about Obama, about where the Black community is and where we must go. It don’t matter if you Love yourself and your People, or if you a Self-hating New Negro, if you don’t look at the whole picture, you will not be able to construct a viable agenda. Obama has lulled us back to sleep yet again, thus making us vulnerable to their agendas of Economic Ethnic Cleansing (aka: Gentrification), Population Reduction, Afri-Com: Direct Re-Colonization of Africa, Total Global Surveillance, Ethno-specific Pandemic diseases, etc.

So, where do we go from here?

As I stated at the start Tests, Demos, and Acts are no longer sufficient (it is questionable if they ever have been for us).

We need to move towards Resilient and Structured Organization and Institution Building, we need to Identify, Encapsulate, and Directly Control aspects of our local and regional economies, we need to build formal political and economic bridges with Africa and the rest of the African Diaspora. We really need to begin to harness African talent, intellect, and muscle for the Pan-African Liberation Struggle and stop farming our most talented out the Western and Asian Economies. We also need an internal reorientation, a Cultural Revolution.

We need Sound Study and Research, and Actions, Programs, and Formations based on that Sound Research. Time to abandon what has failed us in the past most of all, and strictly build on what has worked and what is workable.

We need work to truly and fundamentally transform the power and social relations of African people in my community, this nation, and the world. To construct viable plans to attract the need Sisters and Brothers to do the work, and show the larger community the value and necessity of Revolutionary Pan-Africanism.

This work is not new, my efforts are not new, but they will evolve to meet the demands of our people and our environments, they must.

Since the Bloom Cooperative has been dormant since the early summer of 2014, I will post a statement about it’s status and new developments.

More than a few individuals have approached me expressing their willingness to take intelligent steps towards justice and liberation, I’m going to be reaching out to all of you, if I miss you please reach out to me again, you have my word I will follow up and we will begin to build.

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