Who would you rather have for Prez: Bernie or Hillary? Will they do right by Blacks?!


I am supporting Bernie in the Democratic Primary, but I likley to vote for Jill Stein in the general election, or for Cynthia Mckinney if she officially gets in the race….because I’m in a Blue State.

To directly answer your question, neither Bernie or Hillary would do right by Blacks, doing right by Blacks runs contrary to the overall political and economic agenda of the USA, so, none of its elected officials will do right by Blacks unless there was enormous pressure coming from the bottom up or outside the US. 

Just review the history of the US “doing right by Blacks,” weather it’s the Emancipation Proclamation, the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments to the Constitution, Brown v. BoE, the Civil Rights Bills, Affirmative Action, etc; every time the US “did right by Blacks” there was an external threat or issue that forced the hand of the government.  Then, as soon as the doing right by Blacks was done, the US government would go to work subverting it’s own pro-Black programs and policies in order to sustain the status quo of White on top and Black pun de bottum.

So, they do right by us when they don’t have any other options, and they undo right by us as soon as those options emerge.

That’s all because Black people are Citizens of the United States on paper, but in the economic, social, cultural, and political reality of the US we are Subjects of the American Empire.

Weather or not a politician or political party will do right by Blacks is the wrong way to approach US politics anyway though; it’s a moot point.  It will have you all fucked up in the US political game.

What Blacks need to focus on are strictly policy platforms, that’s it; we can’t be emotionally invested in US politics, we can’t depend on US politics or politicians for salvation, or to even do right by us, we can’t think that voting is anything more than one of many tools in our political arsenal in the war of Black empowerment; but like any weapon, if misused it can harm you.

Black people need to have their own independent political agenda, independent of the US political system, independent of any political party, and independent of any politician.  Then when our own political platform is developed, we can then engage the US politics as an organized and empowered voting block who extract their share from the System while minimize the damage the System does to them; which is what most other defined groups do in this System.  It ain’t got shit to do with emotion, it’s about power and resources; that’s all US politics is about, and the most organized groups get the most power and the most resources, and the disorganized groups get the least. 


One step down from Power and Resources, is public policy; which determine the quality of infrastructure, the limits on bureaucracy and the private sector, sentencing laws, what substances will be legal or illegal, how the public will secure and pay for healthcare, redistricting, zoning, and all that shit; the day to day governing shit that’s not too glamours and most people take for granted.  Public policy determines if you are going to have private or public water purification, if there is going to be a moratorium on the death penalty, and shit like that. 

The Black community gets burned because we pay so much attention to who’s gonna be in the White House, and we ignore local civics and local policies, or we leave local governing up to our local Black leaders who are corrupt as fuck!  We don’t pay attention to the non-televised, non-glamorous side of politics. 

So, if I haven’t bored you with all this political talk; I’ll say, Bernie Sanders has the best policy platform for Blacks, even though his platform was not constructed for Blacks.  A Bernie Sanders Administration will create opening in the larger System that will allow organized and engaged Black to navigate, as well as disrupting the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) enough for our Brothers and Sisters in Africa and the rest of the 3rd World to get out from under US and Western Imperlism (potentially).  There are other opportunities and benifits to Bernie’s rise to the White House, but we need to divest our emotions, our hopes, and our fears from the US political system and look at it with cold and calculating eyes.


If Bernie gets in, we forge ahead, if he dosen’t we forge ahead; we adjust our stratagem as needed, and we keep advancing…or at least we should.  We were still high off of the Civil Rights Bills and Concessions when Carter was elected. 

Reagan caught us sleeping, Bush 1.0 came in while we were still recovering from the Ray-Gun, Bill Clinton lulled us back to sleep, Bush 2.0 caught us sleeping again, Obama hit the scene just as we were on the verge of waking up and put us into a deeper sleep, and we are just getting over the Obama hangover as we stumble into the Hillary Clinton slumber.  SMH.  The Black voting block hasn’t been properly organized and used since the damn Ford administration, and there are no signs that it’s getting its shit together now. 

Just look at other groups and nations like the LGBTQ community, or the Chinese Community government, or the Immigrant community, or the Jewish citizens; they all have their agendas, and they only vote and support parties based on their own internal agendas; not based on who’s down with them, but based on who’s most useful to them at the moment.  

They only people we need to do right by us is us.  Or as Kwame Ture put it; “only we can free us.”  Beyond that, it’s all a “grand chessboard.” 

“Politics is war without violence.” – also Kwame Ture

Oh, and ignore those who imagine that not voting is somehow an act of empowerment, there are as irrational and emotional as the clowns who say “peepo died fo uz tah vote.”  They are opposite sides of the same coin; and both wrong.