Diallo’s Conspiracy Corner: Femininity Is Not The Enemy.

Just imagine if the White man
conspired to destroy Black Manhood through entrenching sexism, misogyny,
& an open hostility towards femininity within Black men.  

What if the best way to do that would be to promote the idea that there
is a conspiracy to make Black men more feminine, thus provoking Black
men to not only retreat from femininity, but to also degrade & attack
all things feminine.  

What if our
oppressors understood that pushing Black men towards toxic masculinity
& driving deeper wedges between Black men & women was a better
way to subvert Black Empowerment than trying to make Heterosexual Black
men turn gay?  

What if Black men were too ignorant of the tactics of psychological warfare to understand this?

What if our opposition methods to the White man’s short term agendas actually served their long term agendas?