What are you thoughts on Léopold Sédar Senghor, and also Negritude?!?!?

I’m not a Fan.

Senghor was the prototypical Neocolonialist leader.  He took over the apparatus of the Colonial State, sustained the Western ideological and institutional practices, and failed to unite with and support the true anti-colonial struggle on the African Continent.  

I know many people admire him and conciser him to be a compete African Statesman, but he was a  tool of the French and Islamic colonizers.

I his departure from his Socialist and Pan-African roots helped Senegal avoid the coups and disruptions that were imposed on Radical & Revolutionary African leaders like Lumumba, Ture, and Nkrumah, but in the long term such capitulating and compromising leaders left African open for the recolonization it’s undergoing right now.  

I put him in the same box I’d put Jomo Kenyatta, Mandela, and even Obama, not tyrants, but willing servants of non-African Interest.  

As far as the Negritue Movement, it was mostly positive, but like other Black intellectual and cultural movements emerging in Africa, Black UK, the US, the Caribbean, and Latin America, there were powerful Class elements that prevented them from being truly Revolutionary or to live up to their trans-formative potential.