I thank you for your consistency, knowledge and wisdom. I agree with your assessment of Fuller and Welsing’s use of the term “white supremacy”. It distorts what supremacy really is, yet everyone in academia, uses that phrasing. Furthermore, Mr.Fuller and Dr. Welsing seem to ascribe way too much power to the white supremacist. I get why they do it, to sort of jolt black folk out of their slumber, but they also seem to make black(and non-black colored folk for that matter) especially powerless.


I think we have to remember that their works were developed between the 1950s and 1980s, and they were groundbreaking for their era. 

The best way to pay homage to our scholars, philosophers, and social critics is not by dogmatically ingesting and regurgitating their works, but critically understanding them, building on their foundations, and making the needed adjustments and modifications to their ideas. 

I appreciate their works, they have helped me immensely, I can’t appreciate people who take their works as unquestionable gospel without applying their own insights.