Kwanzaa 365

Right now, everyone who celebrated Kwanzaa should be linked with others who embraces the Nguzo Saba, and pooling their skills and resources to build something together. Today, everyday of the year.

The 26th of December is a Harvest Festival, from now to the 26th of December you should be planting, tending, cultivation, growing, and harvesting. So on the 26th, you can present to the community what you have collectively and independently (without any non-African support) to the entire community. You can show us what you’ve harvested.

Since we no longer live in an agrarian economy, you don’t have to exclusively plant crops, you can plant a business, a school, cultivate delapadated properties, fund raise for a hospital in Africa, fund reafforestation in Haiti, design useful software or beautiful African art, start any kind of Cooperative Enterprise.

As long as you are working with other community members, and pooling your time, talent, and resources, and the larger community benefits from your works, then you are honoring the Nguzo Saba, you are preparing for the next Kwanzaa celebration, or more accurately, Kwanzaa Harvest Festival.

You will not see me at any Kwanzaa events or gathering unless I can get some Collective Works and Responsibility, some Cooperative Economics, some principled Unity and Self-Determination off the ground in my community today, and everyday. We got plenty of Faith and Creativity, but it needs to be fed into a greater, more Revolutionary Purpose.

So, I’m here, I got ideas, and I’m also down to work on your ideas if they are viable. So….let me know.

Bloom Cooperative Enterprises.


(Use the #Kwanzaa365 Hashtag to provide a link to your efforts & please share.)

Looking Forward.