It’s been a while since the Sanger Disciples have targeted me. I forgot how exhausting they can be. I’m going back to offending the Obamites, the Religious, and the Uncle Toms for a while, I don’t have the energy to fight the Estrogen Army. My Testosterone levels just ain’t what they used to be and I’m afraid to take those supplements. LoL.

It still amazes me that there are millions of Black women who think that it is wiser to unite with White women to fight for equal position within the Systems of White Power, than to join with Black men to bring down those Systems.

Good luck with that Sanger Disciples. Note: I’m not calling yall feminist anymore, because there is nothing feminine or pro-woman about your agenda. You are Sanger Disciples because you are foolishly pushing the genocidal, anti-African agenda of Margaret Sanger.

When you heal, and are ready to rejoin me in the real struggle for African Liberation instead of just (White) Woman’s Liberation I will be here and embrace you all with open arms, if you don’t see that as too aggressive, maybe I’ll just shake your hands as an equal to welcome you back to the real struggle. LoL.