At this point in history, can it really be claimed that violence originates merely from the Israel/Zionist side? Ever since a modern day political Israel was conceived (slowly gaining momentum since before the Balfour Declaration presumably) it has been mutual fanatical hatred. I’m not saying I approve of the establishment of Israel, but now that it’s here, is its annihilation really a reasonable goal? Are we really to side with the (majority) Muslim world blindly on their every grievance?

Colonization and Settler Colonialism requires displacement, concentration, extermination, and sometimes the enslavement of the Native populations and/or non-White migrants.  When you do this to people they will fight back, and the Settler Colonialists will cry foul and call their victims terrorist.  It happened in Canada, the United States, South America, India, Kenya, Algeria, Haiti, South Africa, and now in Palestine.  It has played out the same damn way everywhere people from Europe have decided that a piece of land or some resources outside of Europe belongs to them.  It don’t matter if the Colonist are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, or Islamic (yep, there are White Islamic colonist/enslavers too, believe it or not).

Often the Colonist will invent myths or histories that justify their hold on the lands, or theft of resources like the Mormons and the Zionist.  

So, would you call the violence of the Native Americans against the American Settlers terrorism?  Were the Mau Mau terrorist? Would you agree with the US and the Apartheid Government that Mandela was a terrorist?  Would you call Nat Turner a terrorist, and Harriet Tubman and criminal and a fugitive?  

Or since your are obviously a White dude (only a White dude would ask such a question in such a way), what about the Irish Republican Army, were they terrorist or freedom fighters?  Were the Founding Fathers of the US terrorist traitors or freedom fighters?  Did you see the movie Braveheart?  Was William Wallace, whom Braveheart is based on, a terrorist?

Better yet, if a people, with different color skin, different culture and languages, who prayed to a different God came to colonize the US and impose all of their ways on you and your fellow Americans, and took all the wealth and left you and yours impoverished (on land you think is yours); would you attack them, would you be a terrorist if you did?  Check out the movie Red Dawn (it’s shitty Western Propaganda, but it gets my point across).

It all depends on where you stand, on the side of the oppressed or the side of the oppressors, when you make absurd rationalizations, or impose a false equivalencies between the colonizer and the colonized, you are by default on the side of advancing the interest of the Colonizers.  

As far as the annihilation of Israel, what is the foundation of that nation?Torahnic Prophecy, colonial edict, brutal conquest, the Hand of God?  I don’t think religious prophecy or brute force are just or sustainable foundation for a nation, citizenry, or territorial sovereignty, and history proves this.

The only just and real solution is a One State Solution, that reunites Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank into one nation (and the return of the  with the Golan Heights to Syria).  The elimination of the Theocratic Apartheid Ethnocracy that occupies the region.  Reparations should be made to the Palestinians, and the Right of Return for the ousted citizens of Palestine should be respected and fully facilitated.  The war criminals should be prosecuted and a new governing system be constructed and voted on by the Arab majority and the Jewish minority (who have not engaged in war crimes) of the nation.  That would just be the start of peace in the region, so much more needs to be done.

This is the only peaceful path, but it is also the least likely because a viable solution doesn’t suit the interest or agendas of the Global Elites.  Once the Global Elites are done with Israel they will abandon it, they will pull their military and economic support from the region and Israel and there will be even greater violence and disruption.  

I’m not on the side of the “Muslim World,” for a few reasons, mainly, because there is no such thing as the Muslim World, no more there there is such a thing as the Christian World.  The West doesn’t respect the humanity of the non-White world so it often fails to accept the nuance and complexity of that world, and they just lump all people’s together into convenient boxes like Thugs, Communists, or Muslims.  

Secondly, I am an AntiTheist, I think the power and influence of all major religions should be greatly reduced for the better of humanity; so what the fuck I look like siding with the so-called Muslim, Christian, or Jewish world?

Dispute people’s beliefs and my views about their beliefs, I know what justice is and I recognize oppression when I see it, and I support justice, even for people who I don’t see eye to eye with on issues like religion.  I side with justice, and support the just redress of legitimate grievances.   

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