Hotep Diallo, is the United States of America a melting pot?

No, the United States is a “criminal enterprise founded by a bunch of criminals,” as Del Jones was fond of reminding us.

Many of the greatest Statesmen in US History, like Woodrow Wilson and Bill Clinton would brag that “the business of America is business.”

So, if you want to understand “diversity” in America, just look at how diversity is handled in Corporate America; it’s a PR scam, that’s all. 

“Melting pot” didn’t even include all Whites when it was first used in the 1700s!  It only included Protestants from Western Europe; White Catholics and Whites from Central, Southern, and Eastern Europe weren’t even down back then.

Then them excluded Whites got pulled into the melting pot when they needed them to be a buffer between the “native Whites” and the newly freed Africans, the “cut-throat” Latinos, “swarthy” Arabs, and the “Yellow Hoards” arriving from Asia

Finally, when the term and concept got mass appeal and promotions was in the Post-WWII (form me WW stands for White-tribal War, not World War) ear when the US wanted to promote Capitalism over Communism to the darker nations, and they wanted to take over the colonial territories of their allies in Western Europe, with their own form of neo-colonialism. 

The whole Melting Pot story, in the modern era was nothing more than PR for the US as it was trying to expand it’s empire into the darker nations.  It wanted to present itself as a more open society than the USSR and the former colonizers of Western Europe.  The Asians, Latin Americans, Africans, and Island Nationals would always say; “how the hell we supposed to open up the the US when you treat your citizens who look like us like shit in your country.”

So the US started this campaign to promote the US as a “melting pot,” of various cultures and ethnicity who came together to make a great nation; it was a marketing scheme for an Empire during the Cold War.

“I refuse to burn in America’s melting pot!”
– Lakim Shabazz

Note: Today, the melting pot concept is not used, they now talk shit about the “American Gumbo” pot where you have a mixture of races and cultures all mixed together but still maintaining their distinct flavors and textures.  It’s still bullshit, but it plays better with modern Liberals and Integrationist.