The Same World…


If you are from my generation you remember A Different World, and the character Dwayne Wayne.

I never like the show because I was always so aware of the relentless propaganda and psychological conditioning of the show, even at such a young age, because it was so obvious and unsophisticated. I’m so familiar with the show because it was always on, every single one of my peers loved that show so I couldn’t avoid it.

I’m sure people know that after the show aired and became popular the enrollment and popularity of Historically Black Colleges and Universities ballooned. Which was disturbing that a TV show could so directly and effectively herd our people that way.

Another aspect of the show that disturbed me was that fact that Dwayne Wayne’s character was portrayed as a math and electronics wiz, and in all his brilliance, the best he strive for was a job with (the fictional company) Konichiwa Electronics.

In the late 80s and early 90s we were fed propaganda that the Japanese were coming to take over America, economically. There were movies like Rising Sun and Gung Ho that fed this myth, and ADW fed into this too also.

Remember, in order for the White Elite to rule us, they have to keep us focused on fake threats so that we don’t see the real threats, which is them. But, that’s not my point here. I just wanted to point out that ADW was not alone in pushing this ‘Japan Taking Over’ myth.

My point is, that many Black youth, especially the “Talented Tenth,” were oriented to sell their skills and talented to the highest bidders, especially those from foreign and hostile cultures/nations. ADW played a major role in normalizing and promoting that behavior.

Go back a seen how Wanye and Whiteley would put their hopes in impressing that Japanese company.

Whenever the characters from ADW would engage the Black community, it was all about charity, and “helping some kid get out…” of the Black community. Whenever they were talking about employment, their futures, and success it was always about employment outside of the community, or full integration into the foreign/hostile economy. There was no talk about using their skills to build independent Black economy or power.

This all comes to mind because I see that children who were raised and inspired by ADW, my peers, are now sending their own children into the world.

These parents are never prouder then when they tell you how their children are studying Mandarin so that they can integrate into the emerging Chinese economy, or Spanish so that they can tap into the economy of the new Majority Minority of America, or how they are “strong in the math and sciences,” so that they can better serve the dominate economy of the Western empire.

We still, after all this time, are grooming our children for servitude to racist, hostile, anti-African groups. We imagine that because we are training them to program computers instead of pick cotton that we are better of, but that ain’t the case.

Just reflect on that, and how deep and powerful the “positive show” propaganda has been and how the current “Black media” is affection our minds today, especially the Black media we think is positive, because the positive media disarms us, so it’s more effective.

Think about it.

(Do I even need to get into the; “we need to define African interest, and accumulate the resources needed to advance our own agendas, and focus young African minds to challenge and defeat our enemies instead of working for them,” aspect of it? I shouldn’t have to by now…but I know I do. SMH.)