What is the right to fight white supremacy? Also, how do a black man intellectually dominate a coon/bedwench/ white supremacist in a debate?

1. I don’t like the phrasing: White Supremacy.  Western culture is not supreme, it is quite unstable and too destructive to even sustain itself.  I use terms like White Domination instead of White Supremacy; or White Aggressor instead of White Supremacist.  Those minor changes will give greater clarity, I think.  But to your question: White “Supremacy” is an Omnicidal System, meaning that it is killing everything, it is making the planet uninhabitable for human and all other complex life forms; therefore fighting White “Supremacy” is a fundamental obligation for all people interested in having a livable planet for themselves and their offspring.  Not a Right but an Obligation.

2. We generally prove our intellectual strength against opposing ideas through debate.  Debates are about uncovering greater truths by having to conflicting ideas, ideologies, or concepts dissected, analyzed, and critiqued by two or more opposing authorities, therefore one should never attempt to debate with a White Aggressor, because they have no interest in uncovering greater truth, only in imposing they delusions on others.  You can counter the WA, if they have a audience, you can discredit them to their audiences, but don’t engage the WA directly it is a waste of time and energy.  The same goes for Coons.  I often use such individuals as soundboards, allowing them to expose they ignorance, then providing some context, but I’m not trying to change the WA or the Coon, just expose them to others who are seeing, listening to, or reading the exchange.  You cannot intellectuality dominate those who do not have any respect for intellect and the facts, not never try to do so. 

“I only debate my equals, all others I teach.” – Dr. John Henrik Clarke