Yes, i would like to know about specific topics or issues you & the sudan chick covered?

Well, the young Sister was born in the Sudan her family arrived on the shores of the US as a refugees fleeing the conflicts in her nation.

She insisted that she was an African and that we Black Americans were not Africans but Americans.

She was asked about the nationality of the Arabs in her nation that drove so many of her people from their native lands, the Arabs who’d shown nothing but utter contempt for Africans.  We informed her that her definition of an African, “being born in Africa,” applied to many Racist Whites, Asians, and Arabs who’d invaded Africa generations ago, and have done nothing but attack the African people, and rob Africa of its resources.  We asked her how she could accept them as Africans, but reject the African Diaspora and say they are not “real Africans.”  She didn’t have an answer for that at the time the issue was presented to her.

We then asked if her children, if born in the US, would be American or Sudanese, she responded they would be Sudanese, then we asked about her grandchildren, if they were born in the US what would they be, and she responded “Sudanese!” We then asked her how long would it be before she was an American, how long would she have to be here to no longer be Sudanese and become a non-African, and to be a full American.  We wanted to know how many generations before her family was no longer African.  She said she would always be Sudanese, and her decedents would be Sudanese and Africans.  We told her that that’s the same way we of the African Diaspora feel.