Comrade Diallo, you seen that hashtag #altrightmeans? From a pan African perspective what does that hashtag mean to you?


It don’t really mean shit, Racist are always re-branding and reworking their shit; but it’s all the same in the end.

The AltRight isn’t an alternative to the mainstream Right, it’s just younger Racist trying to pretend that they have a new angle, a new approach, a new outlook, or even a newer agenda than their Racist fathers and grandfathers.

All of them muthafuckas have the same hyper-aggression married to pathological insecurity that gave birth to the very concept of Whiteness.  

So, if these fucking clowns wanna be Nazis or Neo-Nazis, Conservatives or Neo-Conservatives, Skin Heads or Hipsters, Suburbanites or Gentrifiers, Right Wing or AltRight, KKK or PD; it shouldn’t matter from a Pan-African Perspective.

No matter how White Aggression is labeled, no matter how White Domination is packaged; we ain’t buying, or we shouldn’t, we often do, but we shouldn’t.

Our mission is to dismantle the Systems and Institutions of White Domination and to permanently remove the capacity of Racist to act on or carry out their Aggression against us.  We don’t have to change their hearts or minds, just reduce and eventually remove our vulnerability to them, however we can using whatever means available to us. 

When you begin or mature into the struggle you’ll no long be swayed by lulls in activity or times of heighten tensions and conflict, you will learn to stay on message and on mission until the Struggle is fully won. That’s the basic difference between a Reactionary and a Revolutionary.