how come you always rant and bitch about white supremacy but never about yellow or asian supremacy?

First off, there is no such thing as White Supremacy, I actually rant, bitch; or as I like to call it; expose, critique, expose, and oppose White Domination, White Aggression, and White Pathology. 

I don’t like calling the current state of the world or those who have brought us to this state of being “supreme,” because, even though I acknowledge that Whites have most of the power, status, and authority on the global stage, this power, status, and authority was secured using the most degenerate and subhuman methods and practices. 

Look at it like this, we all know that Michael Jordan is the best basketball player ever, he’s “supreme” in that respect; but just imagine that he got all those points, accrued all of those championships and MVPs through cheating, through undermining, threatening, corrupting, and even killing other players that got in his way.  Would you still think he was supreme?  No, not unless you are a psychopath, you’d still have to recognize what he did, the status he holds, how dominate he was in his era, but you’d call him a “fucking cheater,” as scumbag, an asshole, and all kinds of other shit right?  You would not conclude that he’s actually, truly the supreme player. 

Well, that’s my analysis about Global White Domination, not Supremacy, but Domination.  I have not found in history where Whites have encountered another culture or Race of people and did not employ mass murder, rape, invasion, oppression, genocide, etc; to best other nations and Races. 

I have not found in history where Whites engaged non-Whites in a humane and just manor and bested them fair and square.  I have looked, I had even accepted the BS about Whites bringing civilization to others, that’s what I was taught as a youth, but as I began to look deeper, and beyond White Propaganda, I concluded that Whites were not Supreme, only way more Aggressive, War-like, Murderous, and Thieving than other Races and cultures.  Now, I know that other Races and cultures have produced murderers, empires, war weapons and shit, but none even come close to White/Euro/Western Culture.  If you wanna hand your Race Pride on that, then go ahead, but that’s nothing to be proud of or Supreme about that in my World View and Social Theories. 

So, on to your actual point.  Asian Supremacy is kinda like Black Racism; the are both products of White Psychopathic Projection.  Sorry to say.  When you look the actions of Asian nations, they are direct by-products or responses to Global White Domination and White Aggression.  Sorry, but that’s the case, at this point in history; so even if we want to organize against China’s incursions into Africa, India’s and Pakistan’s nukes, or North Korean ecocidal mass consumer culture, we’d have to go to the source, which is Global White Domination. 

Asians didn’t start this shit, they only decided to join the Rat Race that was imposed on them by the West, as many other cultures have been forced to.  Whites have set in motion the “Dog Eat Dog,” or better the “Exploit or be Exploited” global economy. 

Oh, and the West as been pumping up the Asian Tiger and Asian Dragon Economic threat for decades, but the West pulls the economies rug out from under the East whenever it gets ready. You White folks love inflating threats like the Huns, Anarchist, Communist, Asians, Muslims, African Warlords, Black Thugs, etc; when yall know yall are the real threat to the World. 

I’m a Radical, which means I look at the sources of shit, the root cause, the fundamental elements of shit; and that’s why I “rant and bitch” about White Domination, more so than Asian mimicry of White Economic and Military policies and practices (although I do deal with that as well, if you kept up with my blog you’d know that).

That was a good question, esp. for a White Racist Internet Troll; the best one yet.  You managed to insult me, but not my entire Race.  You also did some finger pointing as Asian without stooping to anti-Asian racist rhetoric.  Good fucking job.  You must be one of those #AltRight muthafuckas I been hearing about.  LOL!

Anyway, you still Racist so lemme give you your WRIT Score and have you got about your day.

WRIT Score : 8.5 : Very Good.