Revolutionary aspirations will get you killed in many parts of Africa, even mere idle chatter of revolt. How do u reconcile wih the brutal treatment of revolutionary minded Africans by other Africans?

The first thing any Revolutionist must do is access the environment they are operating in, and construct protocols to speak to the risk the will face in the short and long term. #Revolution101

I don’t try to reconcile shit with the Africans who brutalize other Africans, I don’t care where or why they do it.  We have Africans on the continent  brutalizing Africans under the direct instruction of the Neo-Colonial powers, or because they seek to be parasites and exploit the dysfunction in African.  We have New Negros and Gangstas here in the US who do the same, and their body count grows daily.

We’ve been plagued by these Sick Africans, or Negropeons, Black Arabs, Sambos, Uncle Toms, House Slaves, Head Slaves, and New Negros since Africa was first invaded by alien forces, we’ve had Africans join our enemies against us.  This is nothing new; we simply have to accept it as an aspect of the larger struggle. 

We need to stop feeling obligated to find unity and reconciliation with active traitors, no other Race does that, and we need to stop.

Embracing traitors is not Unity, it weakens Unity.  Forgiveness should never be Given, it must be earned, worked for; to hell with Reconciliation without Justice and Repair.