Submission & Assimilation are not Options.

The Sooner we Acknowledge and Accept Harsh Facts and Realities, the Sooner we can correct them; one such historical and documented fact is:

The US Government and its agencies have been at war with the Black community since the Chattel Slavery and the Reconstruction Era.

Submission and Assimilation are not options our oppressors are willing to entertain, so it’s Revolution or Crippling Oppression and eventual Extinction.

When the Government is not openly attacking the Black community with it’s militarized police and National Guard, it is fully engaged in Covert Warfare, Psychological Warfare, BioChemical Warfare, Economic Warfare, and the ongoing assassination and discrediting of our Principled Leadership.

The US prefers to carry out its war in a covert manner so it can maintain the facade of being a democratic, open, and just society; but it has never once hesitated to use all legal and illegal means at its disposal to undermine us when our people saw through the facade and stood up their basic Human Rights.

Even if you chose to not embrace the Liberation struggle, even you still want to pursue the 200+ year old agenda of assimilation and submission; at least don’t deny reality in order to justify your actions. The only thing worse than being under relentless attack is having your own refuse to admit they are under attack.