ESS: Essential Selfishness of Survival

“When the Lion and the Leopard go to war, who should the Antelope root for?” – Diallo Kenyatta

(My wife told me to stop quoting myself, but I’m proud of this one, it rhymes.)

When two (or more) Races, cultures, nations, religions that have
historically oppressed, enslaved, colonized, mass murdered Africans go
to war, what the fuck do we look like picking a side?  Really?  I ain’t
even saying we shouldn’t, but how?

Now, I’m down with falling on
the side of justice, that means when there is an injustice, even against
your historical enemy or oppressor, you can expose it, even denounce
it, but what resources and energy should you commit to it, especially
when the injustices and atrocities against your own go unaddressed, or
under addressed.

What I’m talking about is the “essential
selfishness of survival,” a concept taught by Dr. John Henrik Clarke.  
We have to engage all things with both a cultural and historical
consciousness, and strategically so that our own interest are not
compromised or subverted as we give attention to issues outside, or
lateral to our own issues.

A great example of what I’m talking
about was employed by Hugo Chávez  and the Bolivarian Revolution.  When
Bush got the Western Imperial Powers tangled up in the Middle East,
Chavez saw an opening and took it.  If the Western Empires were not
tangle up in the Middle East the Bolivarian Revolution would have been
crushed by Economic hit-men,
Jackals, and it needed, the US military; but the US didn’t have the
focus or the resources to suppress Latin America and carry out the PNAC (Project for a New American Century), and Chavez knew it.  

The US did try to implement a little rudy-poot Coup-d’etat, in Venezuela but it couldn’t pull it off because of the nations focus and resources were in the Persian Gulf.  

Chavez did what Africa and the African Diaspora should be doing; he
embarked on a continental Revolution while their oppressors were tangled
up with a different imperial project.  

Yes, they did eventually
assassinate Chavez, but it was too late to stop the Latin American
Revolt.  The West had to choose between suppressing (and capturing) the
so-called Arab Spring,
or ending the Bolivarian Revolution, and they chose the prior.  If the
African Diaspora and Africa had risen up, then Global White Domination
would have been ended under the Bush Administration; but Obama’s
election and reelection guaranteed that Africa and the African Diaspora
would go to sleep for at least another 8 years.

Instead of
running through the opening in the Empire’s fence, we fucking picked a
side between two oppressors and fought it out over other people’s
agendas and ideologies.  

We made a break during and after World War II for Decolonization of Africa and Civil Rights in the US, but we allowed our struggle to get caught up in the Cold War.
We started to divide ourselves up between Communist and Capitalist,
between alliances with the East and the West, instead of staying on the
Black vs. White, the Oppressor vs. the Oppressed.  We started picking
one White Oppressor over another White Oppressor!

Now, in the era of the War on Terror and the New Cold War, we doing the same shit.  Black Liberals talking about Islamaphobia and Immigrants Rights, while New Negros talking about fighting terror and protecting the borders.  SMH.  

The truth is, no matter who wins this Conflict, the Liberals or the
Conservatives, the Christians or the Muslims, the West or the Middle
East; Blacks and Africans are fucked!  No matter who wins, we are

So, we can speak out for justice and advocate justice,
but we need to understand that the best thing Africans across the globe
can do for all other oppressed peoples across the globe, from the poor
Whites in Appalachia to the people of Gaza,
to the exploited migrants is to Free Ourselves!  African Liberation is
the death of White Domination, and most, if not all other oppressive
Systems in the world!  Trust me, the oppressors know it too, that’s why
they fight harder to suppress the rise of Africa and the African
Diaspora, over any other challenge they face.

So, every issue,
every problem, every thing that pulls at your heart string needs to go
through a Pan-African Ideological and Strategic Filter:  Ask; what does
this shit have to do with me, my people, and our collective interest.  
Then speak and act based on the answers to those crucial questions.

I’m not talking to you bandwagon, profile pic flag superimposing folks,
yall ain’t really down with our or any other struggle.  But I know
there’s some sincere Freedom Fighters and justices seekers who need this
clarification; and that’s who I’m talking to.