Do you believe there is such a thing as good or evil? And for the people who claim there is no such distinction, are they correct or not? Some european philosophers believe there is no distinction like Nietzsche and entire East Asian philosophies?religions? like taoism, buddhism hinduism deny or downplay good and evil. Also do you think taoism and confucianism is a religion or a philosophy?

Yes, I accept that there is good and evil. 

Those who state that there is no such thing are usually muthafuckas engaged in evil, and trying to front like they ain’t.

I don’t like to be philosophical; so I won’t be. 

Fundamentally, I’ve concluded that Good is all that sustains life and perpetuates life; and Evil is all that degrades or subverts life.  Death is not evil, because death, decay, and even entropy are all components of life, states which are necessary for life.  That’s how the concepts were born, simply observing nature, and how our actions impacted nature.  Ecological living is good; as good as we can get.

Good and Evil are universal concepts, but as we got further and further from an ecological state of being, we had to invent morality, sin, and other shit to attempt to create a “good” or “goodness” that allowed us to do evil (live non-ecological lives) and yet be good.

All Goodness detached from ecology, from biological life, from the earth is artificial goodness; it’s bullshit, it’s evil.

Since most of humanity is forced to live lives that damage the ecology, through no fault of our own, the only way to be good is to resist and organize to dismantle the Systems of Oppression, Ecocide, and Capitalism.  If you ain’t engaged in those thoughts and actions, then you are not a good person.

You can be a moral, sin-free, nice, and even lawful person, but you are fucking evil.  Sorry, but you iz.

You are like the moral, lawful Germans who went about their lives being nice and lawful as they dwell and even thrived in a system founded on destruction of life, on pure evil.  That’s how most people in the West live right now, there all a bunch of Good Germans.  They don’t do the killing themselves, but they ignore, work for, and/or profit from the killing, the Omnicide.

Taoism, and Confucianism are not Religions, they offer a path, or way of being, codes of conduct, and a world view.  They have all of the hang ups of Religions however; they have been captured by elites, used to justify atrocities, sexism and patriarchy, as well as calls and ethnic hierarchies; that’s why that always get lumped in with Religions, same goes for Buddhism. If it walks, talks, and quacks like a duck; then it’s a fucking duck, even if there’s no Supreme Being attached to it. 

It’s like like KRS-ONE said; “man made laws, make man lost;”  that’s why it’s best not to conclude that you have “The Way,” we have to keep evolving; how the fuck something some dude said 1,000 years ago possibly be the Way for today?  This is coming from a guy who reads shit loads of history, but I do so critically.

Man, these kinda questions are worse than the Sex and Relationship questions.  LOL!  But I still appreciate you asking, even though my answer is not very concise; hell, it might not even be an answer. LOL!