Thoughts on the theory of evolution and Darwin? I’ve also seen arguments on the net that state if white people evolve from Africans that they are us so the struggle against them is foolish. Thoughts/response?

I don’t think Darwin discovered Evolution, but that he simply observed and recorded his findings.  They always wanna say a White person discovered shit, and then stamp their name on shit, from stars and constellations to biological processes.  That’s sick, I think.  Kwame Ture in one of his lectures had listed non-Whites who observed and recorded the process of evolution before or separate from Darwin; so that shit don’t belong to him. (I have the Ture lecture on DVD, please don’t ask me to dig it up, just take my word.)

Having said all that, I accpet the science and fossil record of evolution and evolutionary processes.  Evolution does not claim to know the origins of all life, only that live and systems evolved over time and they are greatly influenced by environmental factors.  So I accept the evidence of evolution, I don’t believe in evolution; and will stand with this until I see counter evidence, or greater evidence that supports another theory or disproves evolution.

White people did not evolve from Africans, humanity has common origins, but when those lines were broken, there was not African, no African culture, not African tribes, communities, or nations.  So you can’t come from something that didn’t exist when you came to be.  All humans emerged from the land mass we all now call the African Continent, but that’s where out commonality ends. 

Africa was constructed from the minds, the mentalities, the personalities of those who created cultures and civilizations on that land mass.  That culture is not common to all humanity, therefore all humanity is not African; Europeans and Western people in general crated a whole different culture, a culture that is essentially anti-Afrian, and anti-life according to the historical and ecological records.

So emerging from a land mass in a time when there was no such thing as African or African culture, means you ain’t African, unless you were there when African culture was constructed and lived out.

All humans are not African just because humanity originated on a land mass we now call Africa; that’s like saying all life on earth are fish because all life on earth orgnaited in the oceans.  It’s just stupid.

We have to understand, Africans are what make Africa, Africa, Africa is inside us, as much if not more so in the landmasses we dwell; that’s why the African Diaspora is as African as our Brothers and Sisters on the Continent.  The Land of African is our home, but the culture of African is everywhere you find Africans.

Finally struggling against White Domination, and their Omnicidal Systems and Institutions is not only wise, but the only worthwhile endeavor in this era.  All of our other actions should feed into the ultimate endeavor of dismanteling the Systems and Institions of White Domination.