“White America Loves Its Killers.”

We shouldn’t be surprised when the White Masses support murderous police, or murderous vigilantes.

The White masses instinctively understand that their ability to sustain their obscene over consumption of materials, resources, goods and services rest on the shoulders of genocidal soldiers and murderous cops (& soldiers).

They instinctively understand that the universal criminality of their State and their Culture can only be masked by the demonizing and criminalization of the victims of their crimes.

The White masses have always supported their killers and raiders who went into exotic lands to rape, pillage, and bring the booty back to the cold and soulless Fatherland.

They make heroes of killers because their wealth and status rest on the shoulders of killers, mass killers and individual killers; that’s why they make exciting movies about killers, they erect statues of killers, the put images of killers on the currency, they praise killers in their history books; hell their God is a massive serial killer, and has the intention to kill billions more. Theirs is a culture and society that breeds and praises killers!

So after over 500+ years of being subjected to European/Western/White behaviors we shouldn’t be surprised, and especially not hurt when they support a vicious murder, when they ignore the obvious facts and circumstances of a case and support the absurd lies coming from the killer. They don’t really have any other choice if they want to maintain the Systems and Institutions of Global White Domination; which they have every intention of doing, even if they are at the bottom rungs of that system.

I’m not suggesting that we feel anything less than hatred for the bloated Hyper-Consuming, Racist in this image, and across the world; but we need to understand what drives them if we are to defeat them.

(It’s also ironic that New Negros who are so vocal in talking that “we killing each other” bullshit are blind to the contraction that they are the primary proponents of Blacks integrating into a hyper-aggressive, murderous culture and nation. They advocate for us to Integrate, Assimilate, and model the actions of Killers, then condemn the Black race when our youth, whom we’ve surrendered to Whites to educate, become killers.)