What do you mean by scientific socialism?

Scientific Socialism is simply organizing an economy based on scientific analysis, rationality, applications.  Scientific Socialism is meant to distinguish between Ideological or Utopian Socialism that organizes an economy based purely on the ideals of socialism, that attempts to force the environment and the population to conform to socialism, Scientific Socialism structures itself to fit the ecology, culture, and interest of the people.

People tend to think there is only one manifestation of, or formation that Socialism can take.  The fundamentals of Socialism allow for many varying options.  Of course the basic concepts of sharing and cooperation must be present.

Take Capitilism; you have the Corporatist Capitilism of the US, you have the Liberal Capitilism of Western Europe, and the State Capitalism of China and now Russia; there are also different ways to set up and operate a Socialist Economy.  Western Capitilism is very Ideological or even Utopian, it is full of BS about freedom, hard-work, and opportunity.  Asian and Russian Capitalism is more “Scientific” or Literal, they don’t bullshit the workers, they are open about the exploitation, they don’t bother with as much propaganda as the Western capitalist.

Scientific Socialism also rejects idealism, or grand promises, it is more honest and straightforward.  It dosen’t seek perfection, only justice and functionality.  Whereas Ideological Socialism loves to feed people with promise of “equality for all,” and a corruption free economy, and an exploitation free society.  Scientific Socialism acknowledges and prepares for these issues and continues to attack the problems them even after Socialism is implemented, where as Ideological Socialism tends to stop focusing on corruption and other institutional problems after the Capitalism are unseated, it tells the people that all is equal even if it isn’t; that’s the Socialism we saw in Eastern Europe after the Russian Communist Revolution. 

[Note: Actually all economies are socialist at their foundations, it’s  that the Capitalist economies are structured in such a way that the wealth can be legally appropriated for the few as the masses work collectively and cooperatively to produce the wealth; which that they are not allowed to share in…but that’s a whole different discussion. For the sake of answering your question, I’ll pretend like Capitalism is actually a fully different system than Socialism.]

I’m hope I came close to answering your question, this issue and these definitions have been debated for decades, and there are literally volumes of text written about it, I’ve read so many, and I still have so much more to read; so it’s hard to give a concise answer in this format, but I did my best.