Pan-African Awakening…

Black people are awakening, we are moving towards liberation and independence; we are starting to look beyond the stolen land we now call the United States and see that we have a global family, and we are seeing the necessity of unifying and organizing this planetary family.

The only problem is that our rate and levels of Pan-African Awakening is outpaced by the Omnicidal destruction being caused by the System of White Global Domination, and Capitalist Exploitation of the planet’s people and resources.

If we continue this natural awakening at its current rate, the planet will not be able to sustain complex life by the time we are fully liberated.

We, who have already awakened to these truths and understandings, must work to accelerate this the Pan-African Awakening, we can only do this through Revolutionary Methods, Tactics, and Strategies.

If we fail to out pace, surpass, and dismantle the system of Global White Domination, it will destroy all; we have less than a century; by my calculations. If we wait for our oppressors to simply collapse under their own corruption we will be crushed and contaminated in the fallout.

We need consolidation of Pan-Africanist organizations, we need strong commitments from the Pan-Africanist, we need to aggressively spread our ideas and scholarship, we must work towards our ultimate goals of liberation, and global transformation; every single day. There are no higher priorities. There are no divisions that should outweigh the need for Pan-African Unity. We need to subordinate all other ideologies, beliefs, and loyalties to the Pan-African Liberation Struggle; or it’s over for us.

The Bloom Cooperative.