I am a racist white piece of shit. I’ve been trying to get a high WRIT score for some time; you gave me a 7 for the Paris/Muslim post. Does my Jensen letter get me a 10? You sound just like him; although less eloquent, yet you are funnier and more sarcastic than he is. For some perverse reason, I enjoy your column. You seem to like writs because we provide you with fodder for your blog. I have impersonated many different ethnicities, from Mexican, Chinese, Arab, and you alwYs know

I’ve yet to find a WRIT worthy of a WRIT Score of 10, but I’m still looking.  I don’t share much of the White Hate messages I get, most are as unimaginative as the WRITs who send them to me, so why I share is usually the cream of the crop, and they are still pretty sad. 

I wish I could say I like WRITs but I usually don’t, that shit ain’t funny to me; but every now and then I’ll get a WRIT message that be having me like…