Why do black people put Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson pedestal? Tell me why black people still believe these two guys have their best interest when its been proven over and over again that they don’t care about anybody interest but their own? Why haven’t we shun them from the black community, yet?

Black folks ain’t put Al or Jesse on a pedestal, we don’t have that power.  You think Black support is enough to elevate a Black Leader to national and international legitimacy?  Nope, not under these oppressive conditions it ain’t.

Just like our Brothers and Sisters in Africa and the Caribbean; our leaders are chosen for us and elevated by our Oppressors/Colonizers.  We are an internally colonized people in the US, and just as the White Elite erect and legitimize puppet leaders in Africa and all other parts of the African Diaspora, they also place leaders at the front of our community, and in other leadership positions.

They give these puppet leaders the spotlight, money (just enough to flash, but not enough to be truly independent of those who fund them), and most of all the White Elite pretend to be at odds with these fake ass leaders so that we will embrace them, and defend them; even as they sell our whole community out.

Black people don’t believe that these puppet leaders have our best interest at heart, Black people, for the most part, have not even defined collective interest really; they just want some opportunity to advance and some relief from the oppressive conditions (imposed on us by the Systems of White Domination).  The puppet leaders come with grant money, media attention, some materials, some facilities, and offer some token justice; and that’s better than nothing, so most Blacks take the bribes and just try to get on with our lives; in absence of a true Revolutionary struggle and in the face of genocidal oppression that’s what happens; people become individualistic and scratch for what they can get for themselves regardless of the source offering the relief and resources.  Even when we mass together in places like Florida, Missouri, or the Bay Area; it’s still individualism, Reactionary Protest and Rebellions is still individualistic and dissipates relatively quickly.

It is a mistake to imagine that these puppet leaders are serving their own interest, they serve the interest of those who pay them and grant them their legitimacy.

The Black community has not shunned the puppets yet because we are still recovering from the subversion of our Revolutionary Struggle by COINTELPRO.  As we revitalize our Revolutionary Movements and Formations these New Negro puppet leaders will become less relevant.  As they lose the ability to pacify and appease the Black community their White/Arab/Asian benefactors will also toss them aside.

Finally, I want to caution you to not just look at the obvious puppets like Al, Jesse, and Obama; there are some “militant” puppets, some who even call for “armed resistance,” who say they “hate White people,” or that they are aginst Al, Jesse, and Obama; but they just on some WWE-type shit, they striving for integration with the White Elite and personal gain just like the more obvious puppets. 

Always look deeper at any “Black Leader,” their track record and the actions they advocate for.  The New Negros are harder to spot and they hide their treason better than their Negro predecesors.