To my Dear Black Christian Brothers and Sisters:


As much as I opposed Christianity, and African’s submission to this colonial religion of enslavement I wish that if Black folks gon play Christianity that they’d play Christan correctly.

Christianity is a religion of conquest!

Let me say that again….


That’s goes for Eastern Orthodox, Catholics, and the various Protestant Sects (that Black folks are so fond of). All of them are all about conquest.

You will not find a population of White Christians that didn’t not engage in Conquest from the Romans, to the British Colonist, to the American Evangelicals; all Whites Christians engage in conquest. So you need to follow the example of those who taught you to “love de Lort.”

All White Christians are currently, or were just recently engaged in local, regional, or global conquests. From the Christians that took Africa (away from the Muslims in many cases) to the Christians who are ruling the global economy today, they are all about conquest!

You New Negros who claim that your American Citizenship makes you part of White Christian Conquest are dead-ass wrong, that ain’t how it works. The White Christians don’t share their conquest with no damn body, you gotta get your own, excursively Black Christian Conquest.

So if you ain’t engaged in Racially exclusive conquest, then you ain’t no damn real Christian, you are just the by-product, the excrement, the waste material of the Real Christians.

There are only two types of Christians on this planet, the Conquers and the victims who’ve submitted to their conquest. Really the prior are the only Really Real Christians, you conquered Christians are just a joke, your Christianity is a badge of submission (to White Christians, not God), and a badge of disgrace.

So if you love Jesus, Christianity, (one of the many versions of) the Bible, the Cross, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, then you Black Christians had better get your conquest on right away, shit, I’ll even roll with you to the extent that your conquest puts you in direct opposition with the current Global Capitalist Empire.

Oh, and don’t talk that “the conquers ain’t real Christians,” bullshit to me.

I know that every Christian conqueror from Alexander the Great to GW Bush proclaimed to the world that they were doing God’s work and that God blessed their actions, and not one of them were struck down, nor did any of the Angels come here to contradict their claims, so until God says otherwise I’m assuming he supports all the conquest and killings that took/take place in his Holy Name.

So, get outta them damn tacky Megachurch houses, and them dirty little store from churches and take it to the Streets Black Christians. It’s about time yall started to follow the example of those who taught you this damn religion in the first place.