Do you like Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock? They keep it real. I especially liked the skit where Chris Rock says he hates niggers. He has the decency to admit that Blacks have faults, unlike yourself. Your as bad as the honkies that say everything good is white (and vice versa). According to you, africa is the paradise, blacks can do no wrong, are only victims, and there is nothing good about whites. Did you used to belong to the Nation of Islam? I bet you used to be a bean pie eatin muzzy

It’s been a while since I’ve heard from a White Racist Internet Troll (WRIT), not long enough though.

I know yall love Chris Rock, that’s probably why the dude don’t set right with me. 

If you want to Anonymously troll and hide your White ethnicity, don’t use words like “honky,” don’t nobody use that for White folks anymore.  Also, you need to improve your reading comprehension if you want to make specific criticism about what someone asserts. 

I tried to join the Nation at 14, but I wasn’t allowed back at the meetings because I was too….too insubordinate I guess, I asked too many critical questions about the ideology, but I used to support and work with them, and I loved bean pies before I became vegan, and I’ve yet to find a good vegan bean pie from Cali to NYC, SMH….wait, why am I telling you any of this? 

Let me just give you your WRIT Score and be done with you.

WRIT Score: 2.2 (poor)

You could have done better if you reference some other New Negro besides Chris Rock, yall always go to the same Black sell-outs when there are so many to choose from.  Try a little harder and I’m sure you can get your WRIT Score up a few more points.