How is Floyd Mayweather a new Black or new Negro?

Floyd is a Minstrel; when the Dominate White Society sees a Black man with physical power, and such talent, they prefer it to be canceled out with buffoonery.  Just like when they see a Black man with intellect, they prefer him physically weak, effeminate, or as non-aggressive as possible.  You can scoff, but look into this phenomenon. Not all athelets and Black intellects bow to this, but this is the preferred standard in the Dominate White Society for Black men.

Anyway, from as far back as the founding of this nation White males have been awed and terrified of our stature, so when they’d have us participate in games there would be the expectation that we’d throw in a little clowning, instead of being dignified sportsmen.

Enslavers would fight our ancestors for money, sometimes to the death, they would shower a great fighter with women, extra rations, give him better living accommodations than the other Enslaved Africans, and even better (cast-off) clothing, but if that Enslaved fighter ever used his skill and power to threaten the Master, or any White man, or to defy the Master; it was over.

That traditions has held up to today; Money Mayweather is the very embodiment of that phenomenon. 

When you are a great physical power and intellectual power, and you refuse to play Minstrel they will attack you, no matter how good you are at your sport; look at Paul Robeson, or Ali. 

A Black Minstrel has great talent, and many have great intellect, but they can only express that talent and/or intellect in a way that dosen’t threaten or challenge the status quo, they always thrown in a shuck and a jive, they give gaudy displays of their riches (riches, not wealth); if they are studied, or intellectual they either hide it, or express in some race neutral, and politically safe manor. 

So I would label Mayweather a Minstrel if we had to do a strict classification, because I don’t think he has a commitment to serve the interest and agendas of Whites against his own people like a bonafide New Negro, but I could be wrong; but if we being lose with the label, as I often am, and just using NN to label any Black person who’s not committed to and engaged in the Struggle for Black Liberation, than yeah, he dat too. 

(Oh, yeah, I label…I label like a muthafucka; and all you who are anti-labeling, I hope someone removes the labels from all the salt and sugar containers around you.) 

All jokes aside tho, worst than boosting capitilistic consumption and materialism; Money Maywealther has a solid hisotry of physically abusing women, so that puts him in the traitor box.  I refuse to watch his fights, or support him in any capacity.  We need to starve such beast, economically at the very least.