You give the respectable negros hell on this blog, but don’t you agree we need an overall code of conduct that is productive? The respectable negros end goals are off, but staying away from the drugs, from the strip clubs, from pants sagging, are not bad ideas. Neely Fuller says we need a code, and he’s not a respectable negro. It’s rare to find a black person following Neely Fuller’s example instead of the latest trend on twitter. How do we expect to defeat whites when we are not disciplined?

Shiiiddd, White folks took over the world while they were high on opium, rum, and many other Victorian era intoxicants.  Not only do they have high end, exclusive strip clubs, they have thousands of women in Sexual slavery, they run international pedophile rings. The White Elites have been engaged in orgies, sadomasochism, and other perverted sex acts while they operate Multinational corporations. 

As far as fashion, the people who wear lab coats, tailored suits, and fancy uniforms commit more atrocities, push more drugs, and engage in more corruption than people in sagging pants. 

Don’t get me started on the behaviors of the Asian and Arab Elites.

So when you talk respectability, who the blood clot is the standard?  White folks?  Upper class White folks? 

What source of power is rooted in respectability?

Now, I’m all for a codes, developing agendas, establishing protocols. 

I’m not down for suggesting that we are in the condition we are in because we sag our pants, go to strip clubs, or get high on drugs; that’s not the fucking problem here, neither is using profane language, BTW.  We are in the conditions we are in because of the pathological aggression, relentless attacks, and insidious agendas of Whites, and other enemies of Black people.

If we all wore our pants up to our belly buttons, if we all collectively abstained from drinking and getting high,  if we all remained virgins until marriage, and never had mistresses or boyfriends on the side; I would not free us, it would not gain us the respect of our oppressors, cuz none of that shit matters to our enemies and oppressors.

So, we need to come up off that Respectability shit; we need to get on our Universal Revolutionary Pan-African Agenda; and it will take all kinds of Africans to Liberate us and Unite our lands.  We need Righteous Brothers, and some Real Wild Cats, we need Pious Sisters, and some Sisters who like to get down. 

This ain’t a moral struggle, there’s no moral solution, this struggle is economic, political, cultural, and military, and that’s were we need to establish codes and protocols, and don’t fucking worry about what any individual is doing in the sheets or their day off. 

Finally, ain’t nothing Respectable about New Negros, read Obama’s “Dreams of My Father,” he talks about the weed and coke he did; and he’s the fucking king of the respectable Negros, so it ain’t just the pants saggers out here getting high.  The Negros are just better as hiding their shit, just ask that other respectability icon; Bill Cosby. 

Now; don’t you start imagining that I’m out here making it rain at the strip clubs, or shooting dice at the Trap House, I’m not. I don’t get high, sag my pants, or go to strip clubs (I’m so broke I can’t even make it drizzle, I can’t even make it morning dew at the strip club).  I’m not a moralist either.

The Struggle, how it advances, and our particular role within it should dictate the approach and actions, not some warped sense of Respectability.  We need discipline within, and commitment to the struggle, but we don’t need muthafuckas trying to blame our oppression on anything other than our oppressors. 

Fuck Respectability Politics, and Fuck New Negros.