I was thinking and I sorta suspect that if Africans worldwide were to come together and fight, some of our non-Black oppressors would give up without a fight or try to compromise. What do you think? I think their power is imaginary and they have power because we fail to do anything to stop them because we’re afraid of what they make us think they have.

Oh, you are so correct. 

This muthafuckas run the world on a bluff. 

The problem is, they’ve perfected their methods of mass indoctrination over the course of centuries; so they can rest on the assurance that “Africans worldwide” will not “come together and fight.”

The Elites can’t defeat us, but they’ve manged to convince us to defeat ourselves and each other on their behalf.  If this indoctrination ever broke down the Global Elites wouldn’t have any where on this planet to hide.

The sad truth is however, the truth that drives me to the point of despair is that; in their fight against Africans, Whites have more Black allies than enemies.

Another historical secret is that most Revolutions were not very bloody, the bloodshed actually occurred when the Elites who were thrown from power rise up to reassert their rule and subvert the Revolution.

If the Global Elites lost their Black allies and servants, we could turn this shit around with little bloodshed.  If all of the oppressed people in all Races stood up the Revolution would be a festival instead of a struggle. 

On the bright side, we don’t need everyone or even a majority to wake up to win this, but it will take some blood, suffering, and sacrifice; but we’d have all of that even if we didn’t fight, so we might as well suffer for liberation instead of suffering to just get by and make a living. 

If 1% can rule the world, then that many can also free the world, we just need to be organized, also, we have more than 1% on our worst day; so we can, and will win; the real question is: will the world still able support life and human culture by the time we win.