Diallo, i am a Black man on the verge of losing his foot to diabetes. ive already ceased the soda but food continues to confuse me. what are your favorite vegetables and do you know of any that might help with controlling blood sugar, and more importantly, if any can easily be grown or purchased for distribution to those of ours suffering from this plague?

I’m sorry to hear of your ailment Brother.  I wish I had seen this when you first posted your question, my inbox kinda stays full and I just walk down the response. 

You are on the right track ending the consumption of sodas, but more importantly you have to get off of all processed and redefined sugars and carbohydrates.  In fact processed carbohydrates are the bigger culprit for Type-2, or adult onset diabetes. 

Most of the packaged goods in your supermakrket have processed and refined carbs and sugars, so you should employ a policy of shopping the periphery.  I think it was Michael Pollan who introduced the concept, where you don’t buy from the shelfs in the middle of the supermarket, you only buy from the outer rim, where they keep the fruits, veggies, and whole/raw foods.

My rule of thumb for food is; “if you wouldn’t eat it raw, don’t eat it at all.” That means if you would eat a food in its most natural state, right off the vine, off the bush, right out of the dirt, then don’t eat it cooked or precessed.  That same goest for meat, if you wouuldn’t bite a cow in the pasture, if you wouldn’t snatch a fish right out of the lake and bite into the scales, if you wouldn’t suck the milk right out of the udder, if you wouldn’t suck an egg right out of the chicken vagina, then don’t eat that stuff in any other form.  Foods and creatures that repulse us in their most natural state are not for us.  Foods that we can eat in their most natural state are best, my sons and I live in a big city and we forage the local parks for food all the time.

I would encourage you to adopt a strict vegan diet, but because I don’t know the specifits of your dianosis or your treatment plan, I can’t tell you that with fill confidence, you may require some supplementation, or assistance with transitioning that would need me or someone with experience to walk you through.

You can greately reduce your intake of animal flesh.  Espcically chicken and fish which are mistakenly assumed to be healthery forms of meat, but there’s no such thing.

Fitness is also key, no matter your current state, you can begin a fitness regime, even from a wheelchair.  You have to get your blood pumping, heart rate up, and air in your lungs.  You have to get out into the sun and open air, you have to get out among the trees and grasses, you have to connect with your natural environment and ecosystem. I live in the middle of large city and we have ponds with fish, turtles, cranes, frog, etc.  I’m sure you have the same in your area; go into your green spaces, help to preserve your green spaces.

Finally, human contact is most important, we are the most social beings on this planet, or one of the most.  Isolation causes disease and madness for us.  Even though you may feel like being alone, not dealing with people, like you don’t want to burden people with your issues, get out there anyway, stay engaged in your community, or rebuild you community if it has collapsed.  You can start a support group, start or join a Vegan or Healthy eating club in your community, you can join the local gardening or park preservation club; you can even hook up with your local activist and fight the power.  No matter what you do, do it collectively and you will be contributing to your own health and the health of others.

I wish I could give you more than broad suggestions, but I don’t have adequate info to speak to your specific situation.  I don’t know if you are insulin dependent or non-insulin dependent, I’m don’t know if you are working with a nutritionist, if you also have other issues like obesity, heart or lung diseases; all of those would influence my specific suggestions.

You must graze, eat an abundacne and wide variety of veggies, complex carbs, legumes, and friuts, don’t look for the miracle food that you can eat a lot of.  People will try to sell you on particular foods, but our intestinal form, function, and flora thrives best when we consume a good variety of healthy foods instead of trying to target one form of food.

Check out Gary Null, I like his works because their based on peer reviewed research.  Check this one in particular: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pe8vinn2dk0&oref=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dpe8vinn2dk0&has_verified=1

But heath and diet are not all about anatomy and science, there’s a major cultural component, so read up on culturally rooted health and diet experts like Dr. Afrika and Queen Afua, and many others.

Finally, as you begin to research and begin to actively participate in your recovery and ongoing health, remember; there are no saviors, no gurus you need to follow dogmatically; just arm your self with research and data, then make your decisions based on that. 

Please let me know if I can offer anymore assistance or references.  Be well my Brother.