“Man-Made Laws, Make Man Lost.” KRS-ONE

It is all but impossible to impose any control or coercion on free and lawful individuals. That is why the government seeks to turn every single citizen into an active or potential criminal.

There are so many laws governing our every action, it is impossible to be a fully lawful citizen. Everyone, even our grannies and small children, commit some infraction of the law on a daily basis.

The government uses selective enforcement of its laws to impose its control, and to force us into compliance with conditions we would otherwise resist.

The more laws a society must impose, the less just that society is. Laws are needed to maintain injustice, not to elevate it; real justice is inherent to a culture, it comes from the people, interacting freely, as a community.

To quote our great ancestor Kwame Ture; “the people have an instinctive love of justice.’ Once we organize to dismantle the oppressive institutions that exploit the people, we will see justice, it will come from the bottom up, from the people, and we’ll be able to do away with these oppressive laws and the Fascist who enforce them.