The Matter of Black Lives.

There’s something the Black community, and the larger African Diaspora needs to
realize at this moment, while we are yet again made acutely aware of
the atrocities committed by the Police against us everyday, all across
this nation.

What we have to realize is that the Racism, and
homicidal violence committed by the Police against the Black community
is not isolated.  I’m not talking about isolated in the sense that it’s a
few back cops, or a few bad police precincts or sheriff’s department
across the nation.  Anyone who isn’t Raven-Symoné, Common, Charles Barkely, or any other ‪#‎NewNegro‬ knows that, and knows it well.

When I say it’s not Isolated, I’m talking about at the institutional,
and inter-institutional levels.  I’m saying that the attacks against
Black people and the Black community ain’t just coming from the cops!

You think homicidal Racist, or self-hating Negros only enlist in the
military or join the police force?  No.  They are in all segments of
society, they are in the public and private sectors, they are in all
positions within this economy and culture, and just like cops, they go
to work with their anti-Black views intact and take specific and
direction actions against us as individuals and as a collective. 

In this inherently violent culture, “if it bleeds it leads,” both in
the media and in our memories.  We can see and we respond to the bullets
and blood in the streets, the cops are a threat we can see coming, one
we understand, one that wears a uniform, and is sanctioned to use and
abuse deadly force, so it’s easy to mobilize and protest against the
cops, we have countless protest songs and slogans against the cops,
we’ve burned down dozens of cities in rebellion against police
brutality; but we so often fail to understand that the police are just
the tip of the iceberg.

The police at no time in history ever
controlled or directed any society.  They are bullies and henchmen, they
are mercenaries in some cases, they can even be respected and valued
members of a community believe it or not, but they have never been the
leading cultural, political, economic force in any society.

police are a reflection or the overall tone and slant of a society,
that’s why in some cultures you have cops who don’t carry guns, who
seldom use force, who are not seen as the final authority, or as
punishers, but as truly public servants and peace officers; but that’s
not the case in this society, the cops are Racist, homicidal,
militaristic, and Authoritarian because they are reflecting the overall tone of the society.  

But we seem to forget that the banking, the education, the medical, the
housing, the educational, the religious, and all other institutions and
formations in this society are just as Racist, homicidal, militaristic,
and authoritarian as the cops!!!

In fact, the most deadly Racist
and discriminatory institution as it relates to the Black community is
the medical industry.  Racist and discriminatory practices carried out
by health care professionals take more of us out than the cops could
ever dream, but these medical professionals don’t use bullets, they
don’t kill us in as dramatic fashion as the cops.  Health care is also a
very intimate and private issue for people, so we suffer and die in
silence when we encounter substandard treatment or blatant neglect in
the medical industry.

Bankers also kill us, though policies like Red lining,
and depriving the Black majority with the infusion of capitol to build
up our communities and Black enterprise.  Racist and Discriminatory
banking practices have lead to the deaths of thousands or even millions
of Black people through multigenerational poverty and other dysfunctions
that poverty breeds.  Hell, Racism is embedded in the entire US economy
from Chattel Slavery to Private prisons, they profit from our suffering and they profit from denying us Reparations and basic economic opportunities.

Look at Industrial agriculture, and the @corporate food industry, they are direct partners with the medical industrial complex and the Big Pharma in killing us as they generate huge profits.

There is not industry, no segment of the economy, no segment of the
work-force, no segment of this entire society where we don’t find
enemies who aggressively attack us and profit form the fallout of the
attacks; but we think if we can get some reforms in policing we will be

We even handicap ourselves in understanding what we are
facing because we don’t like to come off as paranoid, or be labeled as
victims or having a “victim mentality.”  We listen of people like Bill Cosby,
and other selected Negros who gained riches tell us that since it’s all
good for them, then it’s all good in general, they tell us that it’s
our fault that we are suffering and losing ground in all areas of
society.  That there is something wrong with us instead of there being
something wrong with this System.

Well, the only thing I see is
wrong with us is our continuing faith that we can be fully integrated
into a system that was founded on our oppression and continues to profit
from our oppression.

We need a Revolution, we need Revolutionary
Pan-Africanism, we need complete analysis and to construct agendas that
deal with systemic and institutional issues, not just particular Racist
individuals, or departments.  

I’m glad the youth are awakening
to the realities of racial aggression coming from the PDs across the
nation, but that’s an incomplete analysis of the problem, and we are
still, after all these years advancing incomplete solutions to systemic
and fixed problems.