How do you deal with white people? are you friendly with them but clear they are not your friends or do you just stay clear of them at all times? I ask because I don’t make an effort to befriend white people at all. If I see one I only speak if they speak first and it’s just as non emotional as possible. I don’t do this with my people. My family says I should stop because I’m missing out on making new friends because I’m judging based on race but I can’t help and I don’t think I’m wrong

I’m friendly and respectful of all people personally and individually; as long as they extend me the same respect.  I see no value in behaving in a hostile or rude manor towards White people that I encounter on a day-to-day basis; but if I was on the level where I was dealing with the White Elites, then shit would be diffrent;  if I ate at the same restaurants as Bush, I could see acting out and being rude; calling him a “muthafucka,” and shit like that, but we don’t dwell in the same social circles.  LoL!

I know some Black Nationlist differ from me, and I don’t think they are wrong in their efforts to keep any level of White interaction and contact as close as possible to 0 as they can. 

I started off as a Liberal, I was inclusive and reformist in my approach to my environment and the world.  I often worked within perdomentely White groups around social justice issues.  Then, in a very short amount of time and study, I learned how flawed my positions were, then I became not only a Radical, but anti-White, I hated White all people; I didn’t talk to them or tolerate there presence.  My sister married a White dude, I didn’t attend the wedding, nor would I have any contact with their biracial children, I basically told my family, him or me…and they said him; and I was cool with that and limited my contact with my own family for some time behind them welcoming my White brother-in-law into the family.

I wouldn’t read a books written by a White person, I wouldn’t go to any social gathering that was mixed, for some time I couldn’t even go see my favorite artist performed because I knew there would be White fans at the venue.  At work, I was very robotic towards the Whites, I’d only talk about the work, or not at all.  I only associated with Black peole who were as anti-White as me….hell, more anti-White, they wouldn’t even wear Western clothes, or work with Whites they sold books on the street (but wouldn’t sell to Whites or allow them to stop and browse their goods), they did odd jobs for people in the Black community to avoid contact with Whites.

Eventually, I didn’t find that such a stance was advancing the Struggle, I was not any more effective in the Movement as a result of my strict stances.  It got to the point were my motivation for my actions towards Whites was not moving me towards my political and social goals and objectives.

That didn’t mean I ran out and joined arms with White people, I did rejoin my family and relatives, and all the other shit I stopped doing to show my disdain for Whites, but were not advancing the struggle.

I have to admit, I don’t hate all Whites, never did, I hate White Domination, Oppression, even Western Culture because I’ve yet to encounter an element of it that was not predatory towards non-Whites;  I hate those who control and perpetuate the Systems of Oppression and Omnicide.  I hate those who hate me and my people.  I never let go of my hatred, I just refined it. 

If someone’s analysis and solutions lead them to hate White people, then I honestly have no argument to persuade them otherwise; I would just try to determine if their uniform hatred obstructed them from acting in such a way that advances the struggle, that moves us closer to liberation, or not.  If the hate is functional, if the rejection is functional, then use it; if not rework it, refine it, but don’t lose it.

I do think there are segments of the Struggle and the Black community Whites and all who are not Black should be excluded from, I don’t think Whites should hold positions or membership within Pan-Africanist organizations, if they oppose White Domination, then they can organize with other Whites, from within to oppose it, there’s no need to join our organizations to do it.  This is not because of hatred, it’s simple protocol based on our history and current relationship to Whites.

I think you should judge people based on Race, it’s one of the most important things about a person, and you have no need or obligation to be friends with White people.  If your stances and protocols are advancing you goals, then hold them, stick with them.

Our struggle and the Pan-African community consist of those who hate Whites, who are indifferent to Whites, and who those who embrace Whites; that’s because our struggle ain’t about Whites, it’s about us, and what’s more important than how you feel or don’t feel about Whites is how you feel about your People and what you are willing to do to empower and liberate them; once I know where a Black person stands on that issue, it’s not really that important to me where they stand on White people.