How do you react or what do you say when someone tries to convince you to become religious, like handing out cards/pamphlets to churches, etc or just being around a conversation? I am trying to learn to be more open about my non religious beliefs but I am afraid of the reactions, especially from black folks. :/

It all depends.  If it’s an elder man or woman, I graciously accept what they have to give me or tell me, I thank them, and I move one.  We Africans respect the elders, always.

Hell, I just had an elder, who looked to be in her mid to late 80s approach me in an airport and tell me she wanted to pray for me, my wife, and children; I don’t even know how she knew I had all that, cuz I was alone.  I stood there while she said a short prayer and got on the plane. 

I let the elders have their Jesus, and their Obama; they earned em.  LOL!

As for my peers and younger people, if I have the time, I engage them with equal energy and enthusiasm.  If they come aggressive, like them Black Hebrew, then I get with them; usually in a mocking and dismissive tone, cuz they clowns.  White Jews will not even try to convert you if you Black, they don’t want their religion any more “contaminated” than it already is.

When the Jehovah Witnesses come-a-knocking; I greet them with the same spacey-eyed look, and syrupy tone of voice they come at me with as it dissect and shit on their dumb ass doctrine.

Mormons are trained to run away at the first sign of resistance to their bullshit, so you can’t really engage them unless you are willing to just listen to their shit and nod in agreement. 

Spiritualist, and practitioners of most Eastern Systems tend to float away on the smoke of their patchouli incenses if you try to “harsh” them or argue with them, they don’t debate their shit, or even really try to convert.  That’s why I called Spirituality: “religion for lazy people.”

As for Christians, they run the full gambit, from fanatic to calm and relatively reasonable, so when they wanna chop shit up, I give how I get it.

Muslims, for the most part, when they are willing to discuss or debate their particular form of mass delusion tend to be more academic, they have dates and historical facts tied up with their folklore and mythology, so you have to kinda know your shit when you are exposing their shit.  Especially the ones from Senegal, they sharp and love to debate.

I’ve had more discussions, debates, arguments, and study about Religion than most believers; it dosen’t bother me, it’s an interesting topic, and I don’t take that shit personal, cuz it’s fiction. 

It’s been a really long time since someone tried to convince me to join their Religion aside from JWs, it seem like folks argue with me about their Gods more so to validate and reinforce their own beliefs instead of changing mine. 

The last time someone sincerely tried to convert or bring me to God was my very good friend from Kenya named Chet; homie made it his mission to bring me back to God through the New Apostolic Church.  I even went to some church functions with him, for jokes and the free food.  LOL!  That was back in the fuckig 90s! 

Don’t be afraid of the reactions of the religions, unless you are in a theocratic nation, or around some violent fanatics, then be smart; but beyond that, don’t be any less humble than the muthafuckas are about sharing or imposing their Gods and Religions.  Me positions is, if you don’t want your God mock, keep his ass covered up and outta sight.  LOL!

Hell, just last night I was on a conference call with some Free Thinkers and one of them was worried about “offending” religions people, and I, not once in my entire life every heard one religions person express fear, or a reluctance to offend Secular/Atheist/Free Thinking people; so we don’t owe then shit…., as far as respecting their Gods goes; we do owe them respect as human beings and shit.  Imagine that, respecting real people more than fictional Gods, wow, can you envision a world like that?