Listen White Liberals….


Listen White Liberals, not hating people is nothing to brag about, and especially nothing you should seek applause from Oppressed non-Whites for.

That some shit you supposed to do, it should be a given, like wiping yo ass after using the toilet; if someone exited a public toilet and wanted a high-five for wiping their asses, you know how stupid they’d look, unless of course they are under the age of 3.

Well yall look stupid announcing that you are not Racist, or that you don’t hate people based on their color. What the fuck should we care? Stop being historical and social Bratty Toddlers, and grow the fuck up…metaphorically.

-Can we go to the court and tell some judge; “don’t lock up yet another Black youth because Mr.RandomWhitePerson doesn’t hate us?”
-Can we tell the racist cop; “listen if you shoot yet another unarmed Black person and get a paid vacation while the IA investigates (which excuse to use to let you off), Ms.RandomWhitePerson is gonna fell bummed about that for at least a week.”
-Can we inform the bank that Redlining Black communities will be seen as “totally not cool,” by the good Whites you give below market loan rates to?

Please tell us Black folks what the fuck we are supposed to do with your “not being Racist?” Do any of you good Whites plan on being elected president, or taking over several multinational corporations, or getting the nuclear codes from one of your cousins and demanding that the Systems of Global White Domination be dismantled or else?

We can’t eat your good intentions, and positive feelings towards us, and yall don’t seem to be very effective at convincing enough of your fellow Whites to join you in the “Good White Category,” to effectively tilt the scales away from Global White Domination toward Global Balance and Justice, so please just carry on being Good Whites, but don’t think that non-Whites owe you a damn thing for not being a Racist White Supremacist, because we don’t. OK?